Gaby did get around in Sydney on her own collecting Money for Charity!

This is what I wrote on the 15th of October 2011:

Once every two weeks we meet our daughter Gaby in Merrylands Shopping Centre to help her with her shopping. Gaby loves to bring her dog along too. Since Honey is a registered companion dog for a wheelchair person, she’s allowed to take the dog into the shopping centre. Honey is well known, especially in Merrylands.

And of course Gaby is well known also, not just in Merrylands but also in a lot of other suburbs of Sydney. In her electrified wheelchair Gaby travels by bus or by train, usually all on her own, with the help of kind public transport staff. Nearly every day she goes out

This picture was taken in June 2012
This picture was taken in June 2012

somewhere. A collection box sits on the table in front of her, also her mobile phone. She collects money for a charitable organisation. Some people approach Gaby on a regular basis to give her a donation. Honey, being fastened to Gaby’s wheelchair, always makes the rounds with Gaby. So no wonder that Gaby is a well known identity in Sydney.

6 thoughts on “Gaby did get around in Sydney on her own collecting Money for Charity!

    1. Thank you so much for praising Gaby, dear Ian.
      She was actually allowed to keep one third of the money that people donated. Every so often, when her boxes were full enough, she would wheel herself from Parramatta to Harris Park where the charity organisation had their office. Then they opened the boxes in front of her and counted out the money. She was always praised for being a good collector and doing something for the well being of some children.
      I think, she was usually given two empty boxes to use over two weeks or so.
      Gaby was always keen to leave her home during the day. At night she had usually a few hours to herself before she was put to bed. She liked to spend this time on the computer communicating with different people.
      For the last ten years of her life Gaby became rather independent. She learned to use public transport. A good thing was that ramps had been made available for trains and bus transport which were being operated by friendly staff for people in wheelchairs.
      Gaby had to learn to spend the days without David for by that time he was usually too crook to go out anywhere. Gaby was able to wheel herself around at high speed. It was impossible for David to keep up with her. Over the years he became extremely unfit.

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