Challenge Southern Highlands

Challenge Southern Highlands Inc (CSH) is an Incorporated Association that was established in 1951 by local families with physically and/or intellectually disabled children. Over several decades, the CSH has nurtured the vocational and life skills of thousands of people.

CSH has provided training in a caring environment and employment opportunities. This has led to greater levels of confidence, capability and independence.

We operate the successful plant nursery, Welby Garden Centre, as a Supported Employment service and offer additional commercial services to local organisations.

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Gaby was a collector for charity:

Gaby was  allowed to keep one third of the money that people donated. Every so often, when her boxes were full enough, she would wheel herself from Parramatta to Harris Park where the charity organisation have an office. Then they opened the boxes in front of her and counted out the money. She was always praised for being a good collector and doing something for the well being of some disabled children.

How did Gaby get from Merrylands West, where she lived, to Parramatta?  By T-Way Bus:

T-ways in Sydney

Main article: T-way

T-ways were conceived as an alternative to commuter railway services because of their potential lower cost and higher flexibility. T-ways can be constructed without the need for a dedicated corridor or tunnel. Buses can join and leave the T-way along the route, giving the T-way a wider feeder area than rail.

T-ways are separate bus-only roads where undeveloped railway and motorway corridors are available, and as bus-only lanes on existing roads.

T-ways can be used only by rapid bus services, selected local bus services and emergency vehicles. Other motorists using a bus lane (except to turn or overtake) can be fined.

Gaby knew Carl Scully who was the NSW Minister for Transport at the time when the T-Way Bus lane to Parramatta was constructed. This T-Way Bus goes through Sherwood Road very close to where Gaby used to live!

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