PAULCHEN, our lovely Car

19 May

Here is an UPDATE from Thursday, 21st May:

Peter got the car back already on Wed. 20th May, late afternoon. Paulchen has received a new clutch and so is back on the road alive and well! We are very happy that Paulchen’s life could be extended for a bit. The registration for the car has just been renewed for one year. I am sure, Peter is looking forward to be driving Paulchen for a bit more. 🙂

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Our  little car at a time of wellbeing Our little car at a time of wellbeing

We have a little car which was nicknamed by my sister Ilse on one of her trips to Australia, “Pauly” (actually “Paulchen” in German).

We have owned the car for fifteen years now and it never caused us any problems or breakdowns. It went and went and went…

When Ilse named the car, she advised us, never to talk bad about it in its presence. She seems to think, cars have a soul and can easily be offended.

Last weekend was my 80th birthday and I had a really good time. Our son Martin had even flown in from Melbourne for the weekend. He had to fly back on Sunday and we offered to take him back to the airport and daughter Caroline home to Sydney.

The only way out from Wollongong, which is practically just a few meters above sea level…

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One Response to “PAULCHEN, our lovely Car”

  1. auntyuta May 19, 2015 at 9:01 pm #

    When you go to the above link you can see the turn off to Mount Keira. On that Clive Bissell Drive we were picked up by the tow-truck. This drive leads through a very secluded area. Lots of trees and hardly any traffic. This area seems to be popular with bike riders. We saw a few bike riders venturing up the hill. Paulchen couldn’t make it any more up the hill. Peter tried to steer the car as far as possible to the side of the road. I felt it was quite relaxing to sit there in the middle of the bush. We knew some help was on its way.

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