When I start getting a cold I immediately increase the amount of Vitamin C. I also take some Olive Leaf Extract. And I try to rest as much as possible. As far as I remember I still felt all right on Wednesday, the 6th of May when I went for a walk in the morning. Towards evening that day I started to shiver, the throat felt sore and all my limbs felt very heavy. I also sneezed a lot. So I started with the above treatment and retired to my nice warm bed. Still, I worried a bit, whether I would feel well enough to go to Wollongong early the following morning to keep the appointment with my specialist.

On Thursday Peter drove me to Wollongong for the 9 am appointment. I told the receptionist that I had a cold and weather it was still all right to see the doctor. It turned out, I was able to see the doctor who asked me in and then did all the required tests. I felt lucky that my nose had dried up, for some of the tests involved some stuff that went through my nose. The doctor happily told me that there was nothing wrong with me: I was free of any signs of cancer. He said it was close to four years now since I had my operation on the tongue. So in one year’s  time I should come back for another examination. But this would be the last time that I had to come for check-ups. He said, that it was very unlikely that any lesions would come back five years after surgery.

Thereafter Peter drove me straight back home. Thursdays I usually go to a one hour Gentle Exercise Class. But on that Thursday I preferred to stay home to have a good rest. The following day I also cancelled the games afternoon with my lady friends. The following days I took great care to dress extra warmly. I saw to it that a small electric heater always stood close by to keep me warm. I was thinking that under no circumstances would I want to go anywhere where there was air-conditioning blowing on me!

By Monday, the 11th of May, I was well enough to go with Peter on the train to Sydney for the court hearing about the circumstances of Gaby’s death. On Tuesday, the 12th, there was another court hearing. Both days we were able to catch an early afternoon train back home. The people who talked to us in Sydney were all very friendly. We thought that as far as we were concerned this inquiry by the coroner went very well. The coroner as well as the assistant coroner, who talked to us a lot. were both woman. Also one of the testifying doctors was a woman.

The following Thursday Ayleen and I turned up for the Exercise Class. To my surprise there was no class that day. Somehow I had totally forgotten that on that day the Seniors Citizen Group had a late Mother’s Day luncheon at the club. So the previous Sunday had been Mother’s Day, that’s right. I felt actually well enough on that day to go with Peter to our daughter Monika’s place for afternoon coffee and cake. The place was full with all of Monika’s children as well as her partner Mark’s daughter and Mark’s mother and the mother of Mark’s deceased wife.

Apparently Mark had a hectic working week last week, and he ended up with a cold. Still he managed to come to the big birthday celebration at the German Club on Saturday, the 16th of May. That night he warned me several times not to get too close to him for he had a bit of a cold. I said to him not to worry, I already did have a cold the other week, and I was sure I would not get it again.

Our son Martin had booked a flight from Melbourne to Sydney to stay with us for 48 hours to celebrate his Dad’s 80th Birthday. He nearly missed his flight back to Melbourne on Sunday. But this is another story.

On Saturday most of the family came to our place in the afternoon for coffee and cake before we went to the German Club for dinner. Peter and Caroline made a few pictures on that occasion which I have in my computer now, and I can show some of them here:













Big Meal for Peter at the German Club.
Big Meal for Peter at the German Club.


Veal Schnitzel and dumplings for me.
Veal Schnitzel and dumplings for me.

Everyone could order what they felt like. For entrees there was Rollmops, or baked Camembert cheese or soup.
Most people got German beer from the tap. Ebony left soon after dinner with the two little darlings, our great-grandsons. There were later on 12 people left for the welcome drink, a nice sweet bubbly.







6 thoughts on “UTA’S DIARY

  1. Happy birthday, Peter. Glad to know you are four years cancer free, Uta, and recovering from your cold. Nice pics.

  2. What a happy, full life you have, filled with activity, friends, and loved ones. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few days with you through this post. I’m also pleased with the doctor’s report, but probably not as much as you are!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Janet. Yes, I am very happy that I can still live a rather active life, however with advanced age (I am 80) I have to accept that even though I can still be active I do have to slow down quite a bit.

  3. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:

    My check-up in May 2016 (five years after the operation) showed that I was cancer free. So, this was nearly seven years ago!
    Unfortunately, in July 2016 Peter found out that he had cancer. And he passed away in December 2020. May he rest in peace. ❤

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