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Dianna Theadora Kenny does not work for, consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has no relevant affiliati. She is Professor of Psychology and Music at University of Sydney. She wrote this article:

God, religion and fundamentalism: an unholy trinity
July 3, 2015 6.15am AEST

I think this article is well worth reading. To find it, please go to the above link!

2 thoughts on “An Article in The Conversation

  1. Professor Kenny asks:

    “Who falls prey to fundamentalist messages?” She says she has developed an algorithm:

    “Fundamentalism = fear + magical thinking + social and political forces that create psychological vulnerability, rage, hate, envy, alienation and marginalisation + cognitive narrowing (for example, indoctrination).”

    And then she explains a lot about what fundamentalism stands for.
    She comes to the conclusion that enemies cease to be fellow human beings. They become infidels.

    In her next section she writes about religion and suicide bombing and finally she writes about the issue of deradicalisation.

    The question is, should we try to deradicalise people that have been radicalised?

    1. Dianna said In reply to Henry GRAY:

      “Hi HenryIt is hard to conceive of a more deserving philosophy of life than Aristotle’s eudaimonia (the good life) with its three virtues – moral virtue, intellectual virtue and virtuous friendship.Dianna”

      What do you think? Should we strive above all else to lead a “virtuous” life? Is this what a good life is all about?

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