From Uta’s July 2015 Diary


Last Thursday I went to my gentle exercise class. Ayleen, who usually comes along with me, could not make it: She had hurt her back. It was a very cold day. But I decided to put my very warm winter coat on and slowly walk to the community centre. A walk that in the past would have taken me not much more than ten minutes, took me a bit more than twenty minutes. When I arrived there was a nice hot cup of tea and a biscuit with cheese waiting for me.  Because it was such a cold day, the class was not very well attended. Marta, our instructor, had some sad news for us: Towards the end of the year she has to leave us for a few months for she has to go to South America to look after her ailing 98 year old mum for a while to give her sisters a break. She said she is looking out for a relief instructor for us for the time that she is going to be away. I told Marta that it was very good of her that she wants to do this for her mum and her sisters.

I had asked Peter to meet me at the library after my class. I was very keen to look for some books at the library. It has been too long since I had last visited the library. The library is in the same building as our exercise class. So it was easy for me to get there. As soon as I entered the library I became aware that I had forgotten my glasses. What a bummer. Half blind, I tapped around for some books. Despite my limited vision it turned out I ended up with a couple of excellent books: One book is Colleen McxCullough’s 526 page novel BITTERSWEET. The other book is OPPOSED POSITIONS by Gwendoline Riley.

I  already started reading  OPPOSED POSITIONS. I find it is a very interesting read. This writing style and what she writes about appeals to me very much. I found out from that article in The Guardian that this novel is referring a lot to Riley’s own experiences. How to write about your own experiences in a novel, well, this is really something I could learn from, I think.


Novelist Gwendoline Riley talks about her obsessive need to write, and why she’ll never have children
gwendoline riley novelist
‘Extraordinary talent’: novelist Gwendoline Riley. Photograph: Sophia Evans for the Observer Sophia Evans/Observer

Peter picked me up from the library. He also looked around a bit in the library. He was interested in some videos that he could take out on loan for four weeks. He ended up getting four DVDs out. They may come in handy for us to watch over the coming weeks. Often there is absolutely nothing interesting for us on TV.


7 thoughts on “From Uta’s July 2015 Diary

  1. You are a busy bee, Uta. Going to exercises and picking up books from the library. No rest for the wicked, they say. 😉
    We had snow. When I woke up yesterday morning I thought the bathrooms looked very light. It was the reflection of the white world outside. Amazing, reminded me of Finland.

    1. No rest for the wicked, indeed, Gerard. Sounds lovely to wake up to the sight of snow. Thanks for the picture in Facebook. Peter showed it to me.

  2. Love Libraries Uta.. I just need more time now to sit and read a book.. I still have some unread books I purchased upon my book shelves.. I have managed to read one again though while relaxing this summer in the garden.. .. I love winter time to snuggle up and curl into a good book.. I expect its starting to think about being Spring where you are now?..
    Sending thoughts your way.. Hugs Sue

    1. Our spring is still a few weeks away, Sue. We still have very cold nights. But during the day yesterday in Sydney it was lovely warm in the sun. And no wind. It turned out to be a most beautiful winter-day. We were with the family in Taronga Park Zoo!
      Cheerio, Uta oxxo

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