Uta’s July 2015 Diary (continued)


Just a few days ago I took these pictures on one of my morning walks. I remember it was a very cold but beautiful sunny morning. I wore one of my warmest winter jackets. The other week, during the winter school holidays, I saw one morning a lot of movement around this little playground. A father arrived with two children;  some other children belonged to some women standing around close by. I sat for a while on on of the seats near the playground. The women were busy talking to each other. I was just observing, not talking to anyone. I kind of blended into the landscape, nobody taking any notice of me. I would have loved to take some more pictures, but I did not dare to.


Little Lucas is three today. We are going to see him and the family tomorrow at Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. Alternatively we might all go to the Powerhouse Museum if the weather turns out to be too bad. It could be very windy and wet. But we hope it is going to be all right tomorrow. Yesterday there was widespread snow all over New South Wales,  even a bit into Queensland! However very close to the coast, where we are, there was no snow.

On the fifteenth of this month it was three years since Gaby died. Peter wrote some beautiful commemoration again into Facebook.


I love to spice my food with Madras Simmer Sauce. The green pieces in the picture are Kale!



We saw already the whole six-part TV series Glitch on iView after having started watching it on ABC TV. It is a fact that we soon got hooked. So we continued watching it online. Last night we watched the last part of the series.

I googled some information about it. Here is one of the write-ups:


“The national broadcaster is staking its claim in the high-concept, big cast, epic drama scene with Glitch, its new six-part series available in full on its iView service from July 9.

The first episode hits the ground running as small town police officer James Hayes (Patrick Brammell) is called to a graveyard to investigate a “disturbance . . . .  “

5 thoughts on “Uta’s July 2015 Diary (continued)

  1. We watched half of the first episode of Glitch but switched off. Perhaps we should have persisted. Generally we avoid the kind of super-natural or spacey kind of shows. There is a very popular English show involving a man and a telephone box or the boy in space travel movie and another one called Dr Who. All have rave reviews but give me the Danish- Swedish shows anytime. The ‘Legacy’ and The killing. Of course, with sub tittles being helpful as well. Why are those modern productions so noisy, are they trying to substitute noise as giving it some kind of content where little might exist?
    I know I am at the minority with most critics loving Glitch.

    1. I think you should have persisted with watching Glitch, Gerard. I don’t remember any disturbing noises. It was more quiet like and somewhat eery at times. Very good acting and very interesting character development. If you died now and came back some time later, how would you cope? 🙂

    2. The dead coming out of the graves was the scary part. In Then it turned into a drama of normal people coping with was happening. It wasn’t a freak show or about paranormal actions.

      It was more like, “What if?” The dead were from different time periods and they had issues as well as the living. There were some back flashes to explain the circumstances of their deaths.

      There was no eerie stuff, just Australian drama in an Australian country town. In the end, it finishes open-ended leaving the possibility of a second series later.

      If you can, catch up on iview and continue on ABC TV on Thursday. Great performances by all actors even in minor roles.

      1. How do you join Iview,Peter? I suppose the subject matter isn’t really important if the movie is ‘good’, well acted etc. We watch the ABC News, depressing as it often is, then Inspector Gently, Father Brown and each day ‘the Eggheads, plus the ABC The Drum.
        SBS has also some method whereby one can watch many movies on command.
        It is all so baffling now but keeping up with the latest technology isn’t easy. I understand opening an umbrella and striking a match, use cloth pegs and vacuum cleaner but when it comes to electronic devices and/or joining ‘things’ that asks for verifications and passwords, I usually just glaze over and take a nap instead.

  2. We watch very little TV and perhaps we should have persisted and allow the theme of the rising corpses warm up a bit better. It was judged too soon by us, but after all the advertising it seemed a bit macabre and plain silly.

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