At last Saturday’s conference in the Hunter Valley, Mr Richard Giles was the last speaker.
Richard referred in his speech to the death of Tiberius Graccus. This elected Roman tribune was a champion of the poor. The rich hated him. They thought the only way to get rid of him was to get him murdered.

How this was done, before Tiberius Gracchus could get elected again, you can find out when you go to the above link.
The rich acted this way in 133 BC. Isn’t it interesting to go back a bit in history?


  1. Quite a sad story. The moral I get from it is that ordinary people should empower themselves to demand change themselves rather than waiting for a charismatic leader to do it for them.

    1. Yes, quite a sad story, Stuart.

      This historical example shows us that all the power rested with the land owning class.

      Very destitute people were just being made into slaves to work for the rich.

      They had elections, but elections could be rigged, right?

      The tribune had supporters, a few hundred of them.

      But then the rich armed all their slaves, and bade them be ready to drive the tribune away if he did not give up the contest.

      The tribune and all his supporters slain. End of story.

      What can we learn from it? Is there something to learn?

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