Towards the End of July 2015, Conference in the Hunter Valley

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Last weekend was educational for me with plenty of opportunity to reflect on different life styles and how people behave according to their station in life. It was also another lesson on how to cope with the inflictions of old age.

Peter and I have been members of the Good Government organisation for a number of years. Once every year, usually in July, the Good Government people organise a conference.   This time the conference was in the Hunter Valley. We had not been going to the last few conferences. We decided to go to the conference this year and at the same time maybe get to know a bit more about the Hunter Valley. We felt that at our advanced age it was a bit of a challenge for us. Nonetheless, there was no valid reason why we should not be able to make it, if only we put our mind to it.

The theme of the conference was:

The Crime of Poverty.

There were six speakers:



Henry George delivered an address in the Burlington Opera House, Iowa, on 1st April, 1885. The theme of the address was:


Last Saturday all the talks at the conference were centered on the above speech by Henry George.

You can look it up here:

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