IT IS WATTLE TIME! (Late Winter in Australia)


The golden flowers are supposed to appear in late winter and spring. So today we saw our first wattles again.

Peter took all these pictures this morning with his mobile phone!


2015-08-12_09-48-23_322 (2)


Peter and I had a beautiful walk up to this spot early this morning. I decided to take a rest here in the sun looking out unto the water.

2015-08-12_09-23-12_812 (2)


These are some of the houses near the street where we had parked our car.
These are some of the houses near the street where we had parked our car.
Where the parking area is there is also this beautiful playground.
Where the parking area is there is also this beautiful playground.

5 thoughts on “IT IS WATTLE TIME! (Late Winter in Australia)

  1. Summer is soon around the corner Uta, when the Wattle blooms it’s an indication that Spring is upon us, and not long after, the Summer season ensues.
    The beautiful Wattle is always an iconic flower to Australia.
    Kind regards.

    1. Yes, Emu, once you see the first wattles, spring can’t be far away. We just received an electricity bill for the last three cold months: 500 Dollars! But this is all right. It was about the same at this time last year.

      1. We need the warmth Uta, especially if you have a thin frame and cold bones like me, we have a direct debit to pay our electricity for heating in Winter and cooling in Summer, the way we work it is to have our usage evaluated each billing period, the supplier adjusts our costs up or down according to our usage, never had any problems in three years, Cheers and kindest regards to you both.

      2. Your way of paying for electricity reminds a bit how some people in Germany pay for heating. I think they usually do not consider a cooling system, but heating can be very expensive during the colder months. This is why they like to spread the costs over 12 months. They usually are renting. The rent includes the heating costs. So even in summer they pay for future heating costs. If it turns out they did not use up all the money that was supposed to be spent for heating, the price gets adjusted. During a severe winter the spending might go up a bit so that they have to pay for a bit extra. They usually would have central oil heating in their apartments. The individual heaters in each room can be turned up or down depending on how warm you want your rooms to be.

      3. We found the system ideal here Uta, but you can’t just rely on the energy supplier to accurately monitor it, it pays to watch the adjustment they do each billing quarter, it gives you a good idea if you have a tendency to waste electricity, we don’t bother with that system for our gas as its a very minimal amount each quarter, same as our water usage.
        If I lived in Dapto I think my heating would be running fairly often with your cold temperatures.
        Kind regards.

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