What is the Fate of Europe?


U.S. is Destroying Europe,
an article by Investigative historian Eric ZUESSE | 07.08.2015

This is what it says towards the end of this article: “By weakening European nations, and not only nations in the Middle East, Obama’s war against Russia is yet further establishing America to be “the last man standing,” at the end of the chaos and destruction that America causes.”

I do not copy the whole article, but here is a bit more about what the author reckons is the weakening of European nations:

” . . . Libya has become Europe’s big problem. Millions of Libyans are fleeing the chaos there. Some of them are fleeing across the Mediterranean and ending up in refugee camps in southern Italy; and some are escaping to elsewhere in Europe.

And Syria is now yet another nation that’s being destroyed in order to conquer Russia. Even the reliably propagandistic New York Times is acknowledging, in its ‘news’ reporting, that, “both the Turks and the Syrian insurgents see defeating President Bashar al-Assad of Syria as their first priority.” So: U.S. bombers will be enforcing a no-fly-zone over parts of Syria in order to bring down Russia’s ally Bashar al-Assad and replace his secular government by an Islamic government — and the ‘anti-ISIS’ thing is just for show; it’s PR, propaganda. The public cares far more about defeating ISIS than about defeating Russia; but that’s not the way America’s aristocracy views things. Their objective is extending America’s empire — extending their own empire.

Similarly, Obama overthrew the neutralist government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine in February 2014, but that was under the fake cover of ‘democracy’ demonstrations, instead of under the fake cover of ‘opposing Islamic terrorism’ or whatever other phrases that the U.S. Government uses to fool suckers about America’s installation of, and support to, a rabidly anti-Russia, racist-fascist, or nazi, government next door to Russia, in Ukraine. Just as Libya had been at peace before the U.S. invaded and destroyed it, and just as Syria had been at peace before the U.S and Turkey invaded and destroyed it, Ukraine too was at peace before the U.S. perpetrated its coup there and installed nazis and an ethnic cleansing campaign there, and destroyed Ukraine too.

Like with Libya before the overthrow of Gaddafi there, or Syria before the current effort to overthrow Assad there, or the more recent successful overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych, it’s all aimed to defeat Russia.

The fact that all of Europe is sharing in the devastation that Obama and other American conservatives — imperialists, even — impose, is of little if any concern to the powers-that-be in Washington DC, but, if it matters at all to them, then perhaps it’s another appealing aspect of this broader operation: By weakening European nations, and not only nations in the Middle East, Obama’s war against Russia is yet further establishing America to be “the last man standing,” at the end of the chaos and destruction that America causes.

Consequently, for example, in terms of U.S. international strategy, the fact that the economic sanctions against Russia are enormously harming the economies of European nations is good, not bad.

There are two ways to win, at any game: One is by improving one’s own performance. The other is by weakening the performances by all of one’s competitors. The United States is now relying almost entirely upon the latter type of strategy.”

12 thoughts on “What is the Fate of Europe?

  1. Interesting reading Uta, but in light of recent events around the world,and particularly Europe, we are seeing the changing face of Europe, the old Europe is dying, your ancestral homeland is undergoing drastic changes at an accelerated pace, just how long will these events be allowed to unfold until leaders of all nations say enough is enough, one thing I learnt in the army Uta is to never invite or accept the enemy into your home, no matter what reason.

      1. I think we cannot ignore this deluge of desperate people. Yes, the world is changing. We have to learn to cope with it. If I lived in a country were some fighting had been going on for more than five years, where everything that has been destroyed and been built up again, gets destroyed again and again, and where family members get killed and you just do not know, whether it is your family that gets killed the next day, a country like this I would want to leave too no matter what the cost.

  2. I agree Uta, but based on past history, infiltration by subterfuge is well know, one method being used around the world by these people, is sympathy exploiting Western empathy, before you know it, your world has been manipulated. I believe it is time for Western extremism to be implemented.

    1. I do not know what you mean by ‘Western Extremism”, Emu.
      I think we better stay a bit level headed and humane. You cannot treat everyone as though they were terrorists!
      We have the resources and laws to put criminals in their place, do we not?

      1. I wont elaborate on what my interpretation of Western extremism is Uta, suffice to say that an Ideology such as the one they preach is a threat to all mankind, a disease, and as with all diseases it must be eradicated, our courts of laws are now being infiltrated by Muslims, Muslim terrorists now have access to Muslim lawyers, Aurburn council already has a mayor and deputy mayor who are both Muslims, Lakemba is already a Muslim suburb, the CEO of the Australian postal services is a Muslim. Infiltration by stealth is a form of war.Humanity went out the door when the Islamic Ideology became a weapon of war against all Infidels, which you and I and all Westerners are classified as.

      2. I refuse to participate in that war, Ian. Extreme ‘Christians’ scare me as much as extreme ‘Muslims’. But you cannot say they are all the same. Where there is criminal activity, we have to deal with it. And that is it, as far as I am concerned. To me it does not matter if someone is religious or not religious, as long as they are decent people and uphold our laws.
        We do not like people who preach hatred. Well, then we should not preach hatred ourselves, don’t you think?

      3. I don’t think it is about preaching hatred Uta, I believe it is not accepting an Ideology that has proven to be fundamentally criminal in all aspects, yes there probably are good Muslims, but we have to remember that all Muslims are born into Sharia, and the preaching’s of Sharia are full of hatred, standing up to evil is not wrong, what is wrong is the blind acceptance of the evil and praying that good will prevail, in the onslaught and tidal wave of evil, people must stand up and be counted for the protection of what we call Human values. I think it’s best if I don’t comment further on the subject, purely because I have very definite views that are quite contrary to many others, and yet at the same time, very acceptable to many Australians.
        Kind regards.

  3. Gee, Emu. You are getting a bit rich in your rhetoric. I wonder what the Syrians make of Australia now getting involved in bombing them. The world is looking aghast at Australia’s treatment of refugees, seemingly permanently locked up on Nauru and Manus without any charge. I can’t wait for Morrison and Abbott to be dragged in front of The Hague International Court for crimes against humanity.

    1. Yes, Gerard. I wonder what bombing the place is supposed to achieve! The refugee problem has evolved into a humanitarian crisis. The crisis really has been going on for a long time, but finally cannot be ignored any more by us, all the ‘prosperous’ countries, that is we are all getting involved somehow, whether we want to or not. I just hope, all our governments show in some ways that they care for humanity and find some humane solutions rather than helping to destroy our earth and people on it. I don’t think though, that anyone is scared of The Hague International Court. Otherwise the world would not be in such a mess we are in.

  4. That’s funny. I really get the sense that the US economy is going downhill fast and that Europe is trying to separate themselves both from US corporate interests (especially around GMOs and similar health issues and the US dollar.

  5. Not to mention the oil pipeline across Syria to the Mediteranean – good post Uta and thanks for the reblog. Not using laptop and finger typing is a real pain. Since I got work there’s little time for a blogger -so my posts are all reblogs these days.

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