A Candle in the Window


Frau Tonari reminds that all over the world a candle may be placed in the window. The candle symbolizes that you are against racism and against hate of foreigners.

It seems to me, the lighting of a candle may contribute to uniting people in peace and friendship. What a peaceful world it would be if nobody would get attacked any more!

8 thoughts on “A Candle in the Window

    1. Religion definitely should not lead to indoctrination, persecution and the like. Leaders who act in this way create feelings of hatred that we can do without if we want a peaceful world. No religious leaders ought to attack other religions or any other beliefs. If a religious leader does not stand for love among all human beings, he is not a truly religious leader but just someone who is power hungry. I wonder how often politics interferes with religion?

    1. This confuses me somewhat, Robert. Is it theoretically possible, to have a well functioning state (built on humane principles!) without religious interference? The way I see it, religious teachings should just be there to keep humans morally on the right track. Why is this so difficult to achieve? And why do religions have to fight each other? It does not make sense to me. Is it just a play for power?

      1. For one, humans can’t agree on what the right track is. “Religious” groups fight each other, because they have different views and opinions. Thus, every religion at some point splits into different religions, and where there is difference, there is often animosity and hatred.

    1. Dear Stuart, I am going to send the following to:


      Dear Jenni, please have a look at this link that I did get from Dr.Stuart Bramhall:

      In New Zealand we’ve started a Facebook campaign of Kiwis who have agreed to take refugees into their homes. Thus far 2493 households have volunteered: https://www.facebook.com/events/1627768584139099/1629314473984510/

      I have two questions:

      Are Australians in a position to be allowed to take in refugees?
      Is there a chance that these refugees will be allowed to do some kind of work in Australia and that they can then look around for suitable accommodation of their own?

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