Uta’s September2015 Diary

Wednesday, 16th of September 2015

Today we had a look at the flowers in the Leighton Gardens of Moss Vale. We also had a nice visit with our friends in Bowral. Peter took all the pictures for I still have not replaced my lovely digital camera. I miss it so much! On the way home we stopped at the Robertson Pie Shop where we had pies for lunch which taste as good as ever. For afternoon coffee we took some fruit pies home that were filled with beautiful fresh cream. Very yummy indeed!

We were lucky to see some tulips at Moss Vale. We did not mind so much that we did not see the tulips in the Corbett Gardens of Bowral where an immense crowd had gathered for the opening of the tulip festival.











Helvi's flowers
Helvi’s flowers


6 thoughts on “Uta’s September2015 Diary

  1. You certainly get to see some beautiful places Uta, the Leighton gardens are great, beautiful vibrant flowers of different colours, the Tulips are always a pleasure to see as well as the Violets.
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes for a beaut weekend.

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