Uta’s Update, 17th September 2015

In October 2011 Peter and I had a look at Port Kembla Beach Swimming Pool. The beach is right next to the pool. It was a bit cool, however there was no wind. We had a great walk along the beach. There were hardly any people,Β  even though the school vacation was still on. The pool cafe was open. We sat outside under the umbrella with some good fruit juice.

On the way home we stopped at a Lagoon Reserve and watched some pelicans. For lunch we had grilled fish with salad and chips as well as tea. Delicious meal in a hidden away cafe in a close by shopping centre. The shopping centre was full of people including lots of children. I wonder, why some of those people weren’t on the beach on a beautiful springday like this?

I must say, the Port Kembla pool water still seemed a bit cold. I prefer our solar heated pool in Dapto where the temperature is never less then 24 Degrees Celsius. Still, at the beach I went with my feet a little bit into the water. This was very enjoyable!

By the end of September 2011 we went up the escarpment along Macquarie Pass and then all the way to Bowral, a lovely township in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. There are some lovely gardens in Bowral, and most of the tulips there were still in full bloom. Peter took the chance to take lots of pictures on both our outings. We had a lovely time!

12 thoughts on “Uta’s Update, 17th September 2015

    1. It was a great fun day indeed, Robert. That was two years ago! These were actually two great fun days two years ago that I mentioned. I wanted to copy all the pictures of that post and unfortunately lost most of them in the process!

      In my previous post –
      https://auntyuta.com/2015/09/16/utas-september2015-diary/ – I wrote about our fun day that we had a couple of days ago. This is when we went up to the highlands to have a look at the tulips. Two years ago we went to Corbett Gatdens in Bowral when the tulip festival had already finished.

      But this year we.gave Corbett Gardens a miss and instead just saw a few tulips in Moss Vale. The garden in Moss Vale was very beautiful too, only smaller than the one in Bowral, and there were hardly any people there, whereas in Bowral it was so crowded that we could not even get any parking near the entrance to the floral show.

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