Bowral Tulip Festival 1982 and 1983

We have some pictures to prove that we were at Bowral in 1982 and also in 1983. In 1982 we were in Bowral with our friends and their daughter Ellen who was a good companion for our daughter Caroline who was four at the time. I remember that in 1982 we were not only at Corbett Gardens in Bowral, but we had also tickets to visit a number of private display garden. We enjoyed very much looking at all the gardens.

Caroline and Ellen with Dutch Girls at the Bowral Tulip Festival in 1982
Caroline and Ellen with Dutch Girls at the Bowral Tulip Festival in 1982


Bowral 1982: Ellen with her parents and Caroline with us, her parents.
Bowral 1982:
 Caroline with us, her parents, also Ellen with her parents




For the following pictures it says in our album “Bowral Oct.83” During that visit Caroline was not quite five yet. The Tulip Festival was on again in the Corbett Gardens, the same as every year. Since Caroline is to be seen in the picture with some Dutch girls from the Festival, I think that the Tulip Festival must still have been on, even though it was already October.



img137 (2)

4 thoughts on “Bowral Tulip Festival 1982 and 1983

    1. These pictures help us to remember these two Tulip Festivals so many years ago. We have seen the Corbett Gardens at other times too,so not always for the tulip festival. These gardens do look beautiful at any time of the year with lots of trees and different plants and flowers.
      Thanks for commenting, dear Emu. 🙂

    1. Yes, Sue, the highlands, especially Bowral, Moss Vale and Robertson, always bring back lots of memories. We are glad, this year we went up there earlier in the week for it looks like we are in now for a very rainy weekend. Hugs back, dear Sue oxxo 🙂

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