Life as it is in Old Age

The above blog by ‘shakeclouds’ inspired me to do a bit of thinking about my life in old age. This is why I wrote a comment to shakecloud’s  blog. His question was whether we really need to become a better version of ourselves. Here now is a copy of  my comment:

For my age I am in comparatively good health still, and I am grateful for this and love every day that I can spend in a way I like to spend it. Sometimes I get impatient with myself because my aging body demands that I do things slower and slower.  It is no wonder, that I am always running out of time to do all the things I have been meaning to do! Some things always have priority, like spending time with a large extended family, particularly on various special occasions; keeping up regular meetings with my friends; seeking medical advice or dental treatments when needed; going on excursions with Peter, my husband, sharing with Peter doing shopping, cooking, maintaining house and yard in an acceptable condition or at least in as good a condition as it is possible for us to manage. I think since both Peter and I are at an age where we reasonable can expect to live only maybe five or ten more years, we do indeed appreciate that bit of time that is left to us probably much more than when we were younger! By the way, so far Peter’s health also is also quite good still. I think, we are more lucky than people with a lot of money but who maybe are not very healthy anymore.

There is one goal I have set for myself and unfortunately not been able to do much about yet: That is getting rid of accumulated clutter! I am still hopeful, that one of these days I might manage to get rid of at least some of the clutter. Last but not least, being able to do things on the computer I find rewarding and also  relaxing.

I want to point out here that shakeclouds (Enrico) chooses subjects to write about in his blogs that I find very interesting.

9 thoughts on “Life as it is in Old Age

  1. Wonderful comment.. Uta.. and we keep on keeping on doing.. My hubby is seven years older than myself, Hence why I retired early. We have to make the most of every day. and We are as Young as we feel.. 🙂 And I tell myself I am only getting Younger !! 🙂 love and Hugs .. Sue xxx

  2. Hello Uta, I am so glad that you find my posts very interesting! You’re comment is indeed a very deep one and I really appreciate the time you decided to devote to read my thoughts! I wish you good luck with your goal of getting rid of accumulated clutter.


    1. Hello Enrico, I have great news: Daughter Caroline helped me yesterday to discard a lot of things from my wardrobe. It is such a relief to have a bit more room in the wardrobe. Bit by bit I have to try now to get rid of some more things that I definitely do not need any more! 🙂

  3. Wonderful post! I am so glad that you living life to the full. As for the clutter … my mother never got rid of hers and she lived life to the full right to the end. So do not worry about it. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Well, I made a start yesterday getting rid of quite a few things. Daughter Caroline helped me with this. Without her support I would have found it most difficult to even begin with the task. In the meantime I found the strength to get rid of a few more things. It makes such a difference. So I am making some progress. There is still much more to do! But I do it bit by bit, When I find I need a rest, I do rest. I cannot do everything in one go. Maybe some things that need clearing out, I just have to leave. Well, for as long as I make at least a little bit of progress, I am happy. There will always be some things to do that I cannot do anymore. So be it! 🙂

  4. We try and keep things moving around. Thank goodness for Father Riley and the Smith family. We regularly donate all the stuff that has been bought and not used for a year or so. If it is in perfect nick and as new, we donate it in those large checkered bags that refugees seem to use.
    Often the stuff we donate was bought at Vinnies or Salvo’s in the first place. I bet once the bags are left behind the elderly volunteer ladies all go digging around for it, in case they fancy something they might like.
    I get shirts at Vinnies as new for $10.- that in the shop would cost $100.-

    1. Thanks ;for commenting, Gerard. You seem to have a system that works well for you. Many years ago when Caroline and I needed some warm winter-coats to go overseas with, I found for both of us some beautiful coats at Vinnies that were just right for us and served us very well on our trip. Both coats were as good as new. Nobody overseas guessed that we had bought them second hand and commented what nice looking coats we had. Caroline was only two at the time.

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