Beginning of November 2015

The morning of Sunday, the first of November 2015
The morning of Sunday, the first of November 2015

We had gone to bed late after our grandson’s wedding reception. It was a big wedding reception. Ebony and Ryan both looked great in their wedding outfits, and so did their two little boys. Lots of pictures have been taken at the event. We are waiting now to see the video that Tiana and Carl are going to show.

I think, last Sunday after the wedding I was already up by seven o’clock. The sun was up. It was a beautiful morning. I went outside to sit a bit in the sun. I also got the outside table ready for our breakfast with Caroline and Matthew. The table needs to be wiped every morning. There’s some water on it when it has been raining overnight. When it has been a bit windy there’s lots of stuff from the trees on it.

Anyhow, I was soon sitting down on a chair in a sunny spot with my feet resting on another chair. And then I took pictures of my surroundings. I love the early morning, when the sun has just come up. There’s hardly any breathe. I hear a lot of birds in the surrounding trees. Sitting out there feels like sitting in the middle of the bush, far away from everywhere.



For lunch we went to a place by the sea .
For lunch we went to a place by the sea .
We did get take away fish and chips.
We did get take away fish and chips.
The fish was yummy!
The fish was yummy!
Caroline did get a Hamburger for herself.
Caroline did get a Hamburger for herself.

Today is Saturday. It is already one week after the wedding. I can’t believe, how quickly this week went. I took a lot of pictures on my walks over the past week. I enjoy walking when I have the camera with me. I like to capture anything that looks beautiful to me. I am very happy that I bought myself a new digital camera. I never worry about adjusting any settings. The camera does all this automatically. This is perfect for me.

The other November pictures I have taken so far I am going to share in another post.

4 thoughts on “Beginning of November 2015

  1. If this week passed quickly for you, imagine how quickly it flew for the newlyweds! I enjoy early mornings best too, especially in the summer. And it always startles me to see your sunny, green photos in November! How many years did it take you to adjust your internal calendar to the reversed seasons?

    1. Good question, Linda. As far as I remember, it did not take me very long at all. I think I was not very fond of living in Germany at the time. The warmer climate in Australia appealed to me. Where we live in Australia there is hardly any winter, not as severe as the winters we knew from Germany anyway. I did not miss these cold winters, not at all. 🙂

  2. Your outdoor table and chairs sounds like a beautiful setting early in the morning, before the suns rays become too harsh.
    An ideal place to begin the day, with the harmony of the birds to herald the morning.
    Best wishes and gracious mornings.

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