My first Week in November 2015


The above picture of our kitchen window is one of 75 that I took over the course of one week. Daughter Caroline is totally right in pointing out to me that I am somewhat overdoing it. I think last week I went out for only three short walks in the morning. Each time I took about 25 pictures. I love looking at these pictures for they remind me of what I have been noticing on my walks. If I did not have these photos to look at, I certainly would not be able to remember in detail what I saw while strolling along in the neighbourhood. So, the question is now,  what to do with that many photos.  –  –  –

Yesterday, I tried to tidy up a few drawers. I found a few things that could – with Peter’s consent – be thrown out straight away.  Other things trigger the memory about what happened in our lives many years ago. I am always reluctant to throw out anything that reminds me about certain stages in my life. On the other hand,  I have to ask myself why keep all this stuff? Most likely it is going to be thrown out anyway after Peter and I passed away.

I am determined to set myself some limits. This is why I publish now only about one third of the pictures that I took last week. I start with telling what we did eat for lunch at the beginning of the week. I cooked 500 g fresh green beans with some small cut potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes and carrots. I added a few herbs, small cut garlic and onions and also a tiny bit of cayenne pepper and a vegetable stock cube. Peter had bought a packet of Kransky (sausages), a fatty sausage.

Here is what I googled about Kransky: “Kranjska klobasa is known as Kransky in Australia, to where it was introduced by post-war immigrants from Slovenia in the late 1940s and the 1950s. The Kransky is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The Waiters Club in Melbourne, Australia, is renowned worldwide for its wide range of Kransky dishes”

Peter likes to flavour his dishes with some fatty sausage. I had all the ingredients in a large pot to make this vegetarian soup. I said to Peter I would be frying small pieces of the Kransky in a little frying pan, and he could then add the pieces to the soup on his plate. I also put pepper and salt on the table.


I took the above picture after we had had our meal. Peter did not use all of the Kransky pieces. There was some soup left over. The soup-pot is seen here standing on our new stainless steel oven.

This is the left over soup.
This is the left over soup,  enough for another meal!


I think Peter did finish his soup already, whereas I quickly got the camera to take a picture before I finished my soup. There is apple cider vinegar on the table that we added to our glasses of water. I notice the parsley is on the table too for we added some pieces of parsley to our soup. –  The TIME magazine is on the table. The cover picture shows two pieces of fried bacon. There’s an article in the magazine warning people not to eat too much processed meat. I eat very little of that stuff anyway.


Another meal or rather two meals we had last week was kale (Grünkohl). Peter had still some Kransky to go with this. I preferred to have an egg fried in butter on the side. Sorry, no picture of the kale. We cooked the kale for a long time. We have a cutter that can also be used for cutting spinach. This cutter Peter used for cutting the kale into very tiny pieces. The kale tasted delicious with a few herbs added to it. We served it with carrots, sweet potatoes and boiled potatoes on the side. I said two meals, for again it was  a big bunch of fresh kale that we cooked and it lasted us for two days.

This is a walkway not far from where we live.
This is a walkway not far from where we live.
It was a drizzly morning. I picked some of the flowers to take home.
It was a drizzly morning. I picked some of the flowers to take home.
These are the flowers I picked . . .
These are the flowers I picked.
The flowers are in our kitchen window.
The flowers are in our kitchen window.

10 thoughts on “My first Week in November 2015

    1. Ah, Gerard, Peter just loves this sort of fatty food. Whereas I do not care for this kind of taste. I love plain vegies with lots of butter!

      I do not believe Peter eats too much of this processed meat. Three Kransky Würstchen from Aldi lasted him all week!

      What Peter is usually worried about is that I feed him too much. Then he gains weight which is hard to get rid off again.

      1. At Aldi you buy three in one package. All three together weigh only 300g. So one sausage weighs only 100g. I don’t think that this is too much to eat for one meal. Peter would probably find it hard to stretch this package over one whole year! But he initially can’t help himself complaining about my eating habits. “if you would eat some of this, I would not have to eat that much!’ he likes saying. 🙂

    1. I am sure they are going to enjoy Bali, Gerard. They’ve been there before and loved it! 🙂
      They don’t stay at Kuta. They move on were the rice paddies are.

      1. They sent a message last night that they arrived all right at their beautiful accommodation. This morning they sent a message that they had a lovely vegetarian breakfast. 🙂

  1. Enjoyed that visit into your world Uta, you both certainly have a liking for good foods, not only good but nutritional and healthy. It does pay to keep pictures of your past, they tell the story of your travels through this life with Peter.

    1. Today we were five women going out for lunch. I mentioned that in December 2016 (that is next year!!) I will be married to Peter for 60 years. Do we have a big celebration in mind? I bet yea! 🙂

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