Our new Stainless Steel Oven

On Friday, the 23rd of October our new oven was delivered. A very friendly guy rang in the morning and told me he could come along at 11 o’clock. He was right on time. Delivered the new oven, took our old oven out to his van, then connected the new oven and explained to me all about it. By 12 o’clock he was ready to leave. He had said it would take one hour.

There had been an extra charge of 149 Dollars for delivery, installment and removal of old stove. We were very happy with this service. Peter had to go to Sydney unexpectedly for some emergency dental treatment on that Friday. Saving his tooth was quite expensive. Peter jokingly always points out that his tooth had cost him as much as the new stove had cost!

When we had a look at what stoves were for sale we could find among dozens of stoves only two that were produced in Australia. The stove that we chose to buy was one of these two stoves produced in Australia. And we are very happy with this purchase.

We had heaps of rain recently. And our Buddha seemed to like it!



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