Childhood Memories about Advent

At this time of the year memories keep coming back about how we celebrated the Advents Sundays during the late 1930s and early 1940s. During those years we always had an ‘Adventskranz’ with four, thick, usually red, candles. On each Advent Sunday one more candle would be lighted. The ‘Kranz’ was made up of fresh fir-tree branches. When we sat down with one, two, three or four candles lit, my little brother and I would be allowed to do some ‘kokeln’, but of course always under supervision by Mum. ‘Kokeln’ would mean that Mum gave us a beautiful fresh twig of the fir-tree branches to hold over a burning candle. This made a fantastic smell. Oh, how we loved this smell. I could tell, Mum loved it too. This quickly brought us into the mood to sing some Christmas songs.


It is still early Sunday morning. We have had our breakfast with some fresh bread-rolls. We lit one candle on our artificial ‘Adventskranz’. The dishes are done now. I look out through the kitchen window and can still see some of the flowers. They usually last only for a day or two. But some more new ones may come up soon.




4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories about Advent

  1. Enjoyed reading about the tradition of Adventskranz, had never heard of it before, it’s nice to read of different traditions around the world, especially those that are still respected today. Blessings for your Advent.

      1. Best wishes and a Merry Christmas and great New year to you both, Ana is in South America, Chile at the moment, I will be joining her on the 20th December, a Chileana Christmas for me, all the best and kind regards.

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