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Putin hits ISIS where it hurts: Russia hits more than 200 targets in 24 hours as Moscow aims to cut off jihadists’ income by taking out refinery and oil trucks
Russia is targeting ISIS-held oil trucks and refineries in bid to cut off the terrorist group’s largest source of income
It was recently revealed ISIS is making more than £320million a year from oil despite a US-led bombing campaign
Terror group claimed responsibility for downing of Russian passenger jet and last week’s terror attacks in Paris
Prompted joint campaign by France and Russia to target ISIS despite opposing stances on Syrian President
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PUBLISHED: 15:02 EST, 19 November 2015 | UPDATED: 23:56 EST, 19 November 2015

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Last month it was revealed ISIS is still making more than £320million a year from oil, despite the US-led bombing campaign which was meant to break up the insurgency.
‘This is where we must hit Daesh, in its lifeblood,’ said French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, using the Arabic acronym for the group.
Despite their diametrically opposed stances on Assad, France and Russia agreed to coordinate their military and security services to fight ISIS after the attacks in Paris and the downing of the Russian airliner.
The vast wealth generated by oil fields, power plants, extortion, taxes, and the pillaging of antiquities means ISIS is the most well-funded terrorist group in history, experts have warned.
Figures from oil workers in Syria and Iraq along with Western intelligence estimates suggest up to 40,000 barrels are being produced every day in ISIS-held territory.
This wealth has allowed the group to flourish regionally and internationally, and presents a unique challenge for world leaders attempting to suppress the bloodthirsty jihadis.
A US-led air coalition began targeting ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, with French strikes on the latter beginning in September. Moscow launched its own air war in Syria, in coordination with President Bashar al-Assad, on September 30.
US President Barack Obama praised Russia as a ‘constructive partner’ in international talks in Vienna aimed at reaching a solution to Syria’s bloody conflict, which has cost 250,000 lives.
The US and France have been firm backers of Syria’s uprising, while Russia and Iran remain staunch allies of Assad.
In October MailOnline reported on the uneasy alliance between ISIS and the Assad regime when it comes to providing energy to Syria.
It has was claimed terrified staff are forced to work in Islamist-held electricity plants. Syrian engineers have reported seeing their colleagues beaten and even killed after being assigned to ISIS-controlled gas plants that produce most of the country’s power.
A number of the facilities have essentially become ‘joint ventures’ between Assad and the militants – despite the two sides being locked in a civil war.

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