Update on Bulli Beach

In October 2010 Peter and I stayed in a cabin at Bulli Beach. I posted about it in 2012. Having been for an outing to Bulli Beach just recently I thought the pictures from 2010 make for interesting comparisons. Actually, our most recent visit, just for the day, was on Sunday, the 6th of December 2015.

I am going to republish now a few pictures from our stay at Bulli Beach in October 2010.

This cabin was opposite ours.
Early morning view from our kitchen window.

Ready for a walk to the beach.

This is the little cabin we were staying in.

Our kitchen
And this is where we sleep!
This flag indicates, if you go for a swim lifesavers are going to keep an eye on you.
Workers get the pool ready for the summer season.
The next day I consider to go for a swim in the pool.
Gee, the water is still a little bit cold.
Peter decides to stay out of the water.
Let’s go to this place where we can get some refreshments.
A beautiful sunny day.
And who is this?

Peter took a picture of me.
And then someone came along asking would we like to have our picture taken together?
We stopped for coffee on the way back home.

What follows is a reblog that I wanted to cancel, but did not know how I could cancel it. The following text does not make much sense because it is something that I had written quite a few years ago.


Bulli Beach

We live south of Wollongong and Bulli Beach is north of Wollongong. From where we live to Bulli Beach is a fifteen minutes drive by car. So why did we book into a cabin at Bulli Beach when we can drive there from where we live any day really? The answer is simple. We need at least thirty minutes to go to this particular beach and back home again. Would we do this every day? No way. Most people don’t go to the beach regularly even if they live within walking distance. It is really quite different if you rent accommodation right next to the beach.

We had been staying at lots of other beaches before in different parts of Australia. Last year I had booked into hospital for a day-only procedure (biopsies on tongue). I had to leave the admission forms at Bulli Hospital. On that same…

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4 thoughts on “Update on Bulli Beach

  1. I clicked on but it was dated in July so now I will click here as well, regardless of dates. We went to Bendalong on Monday night and travelled through Kangaroo Valley. The cabin was nice and had a lovely view. No one was swimming but it was also very quiet.

    1. Sorry about the mix-up with the dates, Gerard.
      It sounds like you had a good time at Bendalong. You say your cabin had a lovely view. Our cabin at Bulli Beach had a lovely view too. The first time we stayed there was in October 2010 and the second time in December 2013. The above pictures are all from October 2010. In 2010 I did not know about blogging yet. This is why I published the October 2010 pictures in July 2012! Today I republished these 2010 pictures to compare them with some of our more recent pictures.
      I could recommend for you and Helvi to stay for a few nights in one of the cabins at Bulli Beach! I think you’d like it. 🙂

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