The Amazonian Tribespeople, 9 min video

The Kichwa tribe in the Sarayaku region of the Amazon in Ecuador believe in the ‘living forest’, where humans, animals and plants live in harmony. They are fighting oil companies who want to exploit their ancestral land. A delegation of indigenous people are at the Paris COP21 climate conference to make sure their voices are heard. Can they win their battle?

7 thoughts on “The Amazonian Tribespeople, 9 min video

    1. Indeed, Linda, what a struggle it is. Thank you so much for that link to another video that was presented in Paris.
      We have the chance to become aware a bit of all these issues via the internet Our main media however does not always inform us about the things that are of general importance.

  1. Hallo liebe Ute liebe Grüße von mir hatte wenig Zeit aber es geht mir auch etwas besser war auch was Krank.Ich wünsche dir einen schönen besinnlichen 3 Advent liebe Grüße und Umarmung Gislinde

    1. Liebe Gislinde, ich danke dir für die lieben Grüsse und hoffe, dass du auch einen recht schönen 3. Advents Sonntag haben wirst. Viele liebe Grüsse und eine Umarmung zurück von mir, Uta. 🙂

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