What John Lord writes about today in AIM (Australian Independent Media) Network

I find this article by John Lord well worth reading

If you want to read it, please go to:



John Lord says in his article: “Cardinal Pell in giving evidence to the Royal Commission into the abuse of children uttered two of the most debauched sentences ever spoken by an Australian cleric. . . .”

Further he says: “Is John Howard seriously suggesting that people such as these don’t speak out because of some sort of fear of political correctness? That’s the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. . . . ”


And then there are some interesting observations by John Lord about  “the Safe Schools programme” and the  “Broadband policy”.


The following  (John Lord’s thought for the day) is towards the end of his article.


 My (John Lord’s) thought for the day:

Truth is pure yet fragile and requires delicacy in delivery. There are however times when it needs some diplomatic force to make it register

3 thoughts on “What John Lord writes about today in AIM (Australian Independent Media) Network

    1. It bugs me too, Gerard, the way the authorities in the church acted or neglected to act.

      Paedophiles may often not be detected for quite some time, and certain institutions, not just churches, may want to ignore paedophilia
      to avoid a scandal, which I think is criminal. The parents may often be kept in the dark or perhaps not believe what is going on if some child voices an accusation.

      I wished paedophile behaviour could be stopped and children be adequately protected at all times by giving paedophiles no opportunity for this sort of behaviour.

      I agree, Gerard, certain priests and cardinals have a lot to answer for. Do they not feel guilty at all? They may be sorry for the suffering of children. But do they feel desperately guilty when they did wrong by the children?

      They cannot be true Catholics, this is what I think. What do they say for instance in confession? Well, they may confess to a priest, who is a paedophile himself! But I am inclined not to blame everyone in the church because of some terribly rotten apples. What bugs me is that paedophiles were protected for years and years in highest places of the church.

      Some people try to be good, no matter whether they belong to a church or not, and some people just don’t care. They think only of their own gratification, does not matter whether they are church goers or atheists or agnostics.

      1. That is true, but especially galling when it happens within the hierarchy and institutions of churches. They should be citadels for security and safety. It will be interesting to see if the victims will meet up with the pope.

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