Last Day of March 2016


Three days ago was Easter Sunday. I published a bit of a diary about this Easter Sunday. Since that Sunday I also reblogged quite a few articles, articles from The Conversation and one post by another blogger. These reblogs show what I find interesting to read about.

The following is just what I published during the last few days:

Tom Keneally, 80, is an acclaimed writer. His daughter, Meg, 49, a former journalist, works in corporate affairs and as a scuba diving instructor. The Soldier’s Curse is the first of a series of novels they are writing together.

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Recently Published

Mar 30th, 7:51 pm Tom and Meg Keneally
Mar 30th, 10:10 am From: The Conversation 29/03/2016 Newsletter
Mar 30th, 9:49 am Is Australia the world leader when it comes to household solar PV per capita?
Mar 30th, 9:21 am Will global warming make you fat?
Mar 29th, 7:02 am 💖Of Romantic Tendencies and Dismal Outcomes.💔
Mar 29th, What’s great about Goethe?


Mar 28th,
This is why Finland has the best schools

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