In The New Yorker a Question about Donald Trump

2 Apr

John Cassidy says in The New Yorker on 31st of March 2016:

“If Donald Trump were a normal political candidate, he would be in serious trouble at the moment. Over the past few days, he has said and done things that have raised more doubts about his temperament, judgment, and command of policy issues. Some of the Republicans trying to prevent him from becoming the Party’s Presidential nominee believe that they’re finally making progress. Are they right?”


One Response to “In The New Yorker a Question about Donald Trump”

  1. The Emu April 2, 2016 at 12:24 pm #

    I’m predicting Trump to win and change the face of American politics, also predicting a Double Dissolution for Australia and the demise of the Labor party and the Liberal/ Green coalition, this will come about by the emergence of a new party which is going to take Australia by storm.

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