The Effect, Lucy Prebble takes on pharma capitalism and the folly of a pain-free life.

Off-BroadwayMar 21, 2016

So much of this play is about human resistance to uniformity and the scientific method itself: How can one person truly serve as a control for another when the two subjects have radically different backgrounds, attitudes, and chemical predispositions?


See also this info from 2014:


Lucy Prebble’s award-winning new play has wowed UK critics, raising fascinating questions about the mysteries of the mind and the true nature of love.

Connie is a young psychology student. Tristan, a dreamer from the wrong side of the tracks. When the pair meet as test volunteers in a major anti-depressant drug trial, an unlikely romance starts to blossom. But what if the chemistry between them is just a side effect of the drug they’re on? It’s up to psychiatrist Dr James (Sigrid Thornton) and her senior colleague Toby (William McInnes) to keep the trial from slipping dangerously off-track.

Prebble’s provocative new work, directed by Leticia Cáceres, sees Sigrid Thornton andWilliam McInnes reunite for their long-awaited return to the MTC stage, alongsideNathaniel Dean and Zahra Newman. The Effect is a funny, intelligent and moving play of ideas, which promises to keep us thinking long after the curtain closes.




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