The US Rape of the Congo

This is truly mind boggling, Stuart. Thank you for another eye opening film review.

“Meanwhile, the US continues to increase military bases and direct troop deployment in Africa and the corporate media largely refuses to report on it.”

I guess, hardly anyone would get to know about it, even though there are ways to look it up in some alternative media. I would like things like this to be known by more people and especially by people of influence who maybe could make more of an effort to work towards change in a peaceful way. I am going to reblog your review, Stuart.

Why is it, that the UN can do hardly anything of significance when it comes to preventing exploitation? I know, because it is a toothless tiger, But why? Is it because corporations rule the world. It is so very frustrating that beautiful words are not going to change anything soon enough. I just hope, that in the long run maybe more people are going to have a chance for a peaceful life

The Most Revolutionary Act

Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth

Friends of the Congo (2012)

Film Review

Crisis in the Congo is a heart breaking documentary about the invisible US proxy war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For the last 20 years, the US (and Britain) have been arming and training Rwandan and Ugandan-backed rebels who are plundering DRC’s rich mineral resources (gold, diamonds, cobalt, coltan, copper and tin) for the benefit of the electronic and aerospace industry.

The US has a long ugly history in the Congo, one of the most mineral-rich countries* in the world. After the CIA assassinated Patrice Lamumba, DRC’s first democratically elected president, the US installed the brutal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko. When the cold war ended, the US abandoned their support for Mobutu and sponsored a joint Rwandan/Kenyan invasion to remove him from power.

DRC’s 20+ year civil war has resulted in the death of over…

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6 thoughts on “The US Rape of the Congo

  1. Yes. I think corporations blanket the world and cloak the prying eyes of all who would surely revolt if they knew the truth. I wonder if the revelations in the Panama Papers will do anything at all to rectify the situation.

    1. Somehow I doubt it, Linda. Except for slight changes more or less everything is probably going to stay the same. To be honest, if there was going to build up a significant revolt by a lot of people, I would regard this as not a very desirable solution because of the danger of devastating wars!
      To my mind a good solution could be, if a significant number of the very rich and rich corporations would miraculously start working for peace all over the world and start regarding every human being as being entitled to a decent way of life with some rights to air, water and land plus the freedom to choose their way of life. I know, I am dreaming. But what is the alternative? Can’t well educated, prosperous people see this? Why can we not have governments that are there for all people? Why do democracies not deliver what they promise?
      I guess humans cannot really direct everything. In the end nature is going to restore a balance. So called atheists do not believe in a higher power. But nature is very powerful, isn’t it? Who are we to deny this?

      1. You raise good points! The last thing we need is more war. But hey, I like how Iceland responded! Quickly, passionately, and perhaps wisely. I love that country.
        If we look back in history, humanity has never been kind. Not to itself, nor to the planet that nurtures it.

      2. I like what you say about Iceland, Linda. And what you say about humanity, I do agree with that too. However with all the technical advancements we’ve made our humanity overall should have progressed a bit more by now!

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