Free Trade Agreements

Here is an article by Kaye Lee in The AIMN  –  The Australian Independent Media Network:

I started reading this article and soon found out that Australia’s steel industry as well as the car industry is as good as finished. What good can it be for Australia to have no such industry of our own anymore? 

” . . .  As thousands of people stand to lose their jobs in the steel industry, we are informed by our Prime Minister and Treasurer that Bill Shorten is endangering our free trade agreements by suggesting we use Australian steel in public works. . . ”

” . . . .  For the car industry, the free trade agreements were yet another nail in the coffin with cheap cars from South Korea, Japan and China about to flood the market.  Support for transitioning the industry to innovative manufacture of clean cars or superior quality parts evaporated.  Had they had some assistance during the period when mining had forced the Aussie dollar to record highs, this industry may have survived along with the hundreds of thousands of jobs and the skills training it provided, but with no time to transition, they couldn’t survive the FTAs. . . . . ”

“An analysis by the World Bank shows that the Trans Pacific Partnership would grow Australia’s GDP by just 0.7% by 2030.”

And on it goes:

“Little has been said about the 15,000 jobs in Australia’s pulp, paper and fibre packaging industry that are now at risk.”

“The Ai Group estimates that the local industry can expect to face almost $1billion of Chinese imports over the next four years, warning that Australian paper and packaging companies could “make the strategic decision to move manufacturing to China, as this is the business model currently being rewarded under ChAFTA.”

“Even the much vaunted deal on beef exports is not as good as they would have us believe.”

“The Chinese deal on beef is only for an extra 10% exports before a trigger where tariffs will be charged again, and the proposed tariff reduction will not fully take place for nine years.”

Well, I copied here bits and pieces of Kaye Lee’s article. These bits and pieces are sufficient to make me most upset. How can the majority of Australian voters believe that our government acts in the interest of Australians?

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