At last another Entry in Uta’s Diary

The last entry in my Dairy was exactly one month ago! Time flies . . . .

At my age time flies more and more.

On the 14th of April I published some comments to a blog by John Lord and Catterel wrote a comment to what I had said on that day:

I said: Finally I’d like to make a comment on the subject. I did not finish high-school and have never been to university. English is my second language. I have been blogging since July 2011. I very much enjoy the contact with other bloggers. I am aware that university educated people do find that there is a lot wrong with the way I write. I know that my daughters as well as my son may point to quite a few errors in any of my writing that I have published. 


Here is what Catterel wrote:


“Dear Uta, as long as you communicate honestly and clearly, especially in a language that isn’t your mother tongue, all is forgiven! I’ve seen too many students traumatised into silence by over-critical teachers who leapt on every tiny error and destroyed the learner’s confidence. Yes, grammar matters of course, otherwise we’d be mutually incomprehensible, but it’s only one aspect of a language and like all living things, it evolves.”


Here is a bit of what I wrote on the 15th of April:

I wonder, how many people, alive today, have never been affected by war? Wars continue to be fought in a lot of countries and a lot of continents. The refugee crisis is now worse than ever. Is mankind going backwards? The few people, who are not affected by wars, do they not ever consider how wars affect the rest of humanity? For as long as some of us can live in peace, we do not care what is being done to the rest of humanity? How can we be so selfish? Has it just got to do with a survival wish?

On the 17th of April Gerard Oostermann wrote the following reply to a Reblog I published on that day:

“There is a lot there, Uta. I think there is so much more in living with someone that many just choose to totally ignore. The ultimate banana skin is what in the west we call ‘love’. Many get blinded by that, especially romantic love, and this is just a cruel trick of nature. As soon as someone says: ‘I truly love you,’ run away as fast as you can. It is so often doomed to fail. When ‘love’ enters, we start to project the most outlandish, wonderful but totally unrealistic qualities onto the person of our affections.
A good friendship, care, consideration and mutual respect might well be the much better and more solid ingredients of love.”

I replied: I very much like your insightful comment, dear Gerard. They say hate and love can be very close together. I suspect that my parents had a love/hate relationship. They probably would have projected the most “outlandish unrealistic qualities” onto each other! And I reckon respect is absolutely essential for a lasting and mutual beneficial love relationship. And of course without friendship, care and consideration you cannot live together in a satisfactory way.

My re-published reflections about my parents  you can find here:


The following days during last month I just did some reblogging of different authors’ blogs that I found very interesting. After the 20th of April I did no more blogging for quite a while. For weeks I did not even touch the computer to do some reading. I read instead Jonathan Franzen’s Novel FREEDOM which I had acquired at a very reduced price. I thought, reading this novel was extremely well spent time!  I actually had a few health problems which  caused me not to want to sit at the computer . . . .


An ARTICLE called “The truth about my father” you can find  in Google.

Duncan Storrar became famous after last Monday’s Q & A program. I think what Duncan’s twenty year old son says about his father makes an interesting background story. Duncan seems to suffer from debilitating anxiety attacks. To speak his mind on Q & A was extremely brave of him!





4 thoughts on “At last another Entry in Uta’s Diary

  1. Yes, I have a PhD and taught at a university but never have felt it provided me with any advantage when writing. What is important is being able to express one’s self clearly and logically; you obviously are able to do that very well. Clarity of expression usually is derived from experience. All of us have attempted to read academic publications that totally defied any attempt at understanding. Everyone makes occasional grammatical errors.

    Always keep in mind: ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’ ~ Lewis Carroll.

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