How politicians force us to make a choice we should never have to make.

“. . . . a choice we should never have to make.” To my mind
this is exactly right.

No Place For Sheep

Ironic points of light Ironic points of light

The phrase, Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite, frequently attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville but in fact coined by French counterrevolutionary Joseph de Maistre, is translated as “Every democracy gets the government it deserves.”

It’s not a sentiment with which I entirely agree: many factors are at work in a liberal democracy such as ours that bring into question the core assumption of informed choice, not least of which is propaganda distributed by media with vested interests, and its collusion with political and financial elites. This piece in Alternet makes interesting arguments against de Maistre’s maxim, describing it as a toxic idea that needs to be laid to rest. It’s worth a read.

I’ve listened carefully to all the pragmatic arguments of ALP supporters, as I have for the last seven years. I know that in almost every way an ALP government is far preferable to…

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4 thoughts on “How politicians force us to make a choice we should never have to make.

    1. ch wünsche dir auch einen schönen Tag, liebe Gislinde. Es sind jetzt nur noch drei Wochen, dann werden wir in Sydney auf dem Flugplatz sein, um unsere Reise nach Berlin anzutreten! Liebe Grüsse 🙂
      Deine Uta

    1. Thanks for commenting, Stuart.
      At the moment the two main parties in Australia seem to be neck to neck. If the election result is tight, a coalition partner may be needed to form a government. The Greens say in that case they would go with Labor.
      I have to find out what their policies on asylum seekers are.

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