Uta’s Diary

A recent picture of our Bogainvillea
A recent picture of our Bogainvillea

Many months ago we booked our trip. It is exciting that our departure time is getting very close: We’re going to leave for Berlin on Friday, the 3rd of June. So, only three more weeks to go!

Today, Peter, Caroline and I are going to Wollongong. I have an appointment with Dr. Pearson for 9 o’clock. Friday mornings there are always markets in Wollongong. We plan to go to these markets after I’ve seen my doctor. We might be able to buy some fresh vegetables at the markets. In the afternoon I meet my lady friends for our games of Scrabble and Rummy Cub.

On this coming Sunday we’re going to meet the family for Peter’s birthday lunch, and on Monday Peter takes our old car to Warrawong to get it inspected for re-newel of registration. Caroline and I want to go with him to Warrawong to visit a nice cafe there where we’ve been before.

It seems we are busy all the time. I am sure the next three weeks will be gone in a flash. And then it is going to be only four more weeks and we will be back in Australia. We arrive back on the Saturday, the 2nd of July, which is going to be Election Day in Australia!

We talked to Peter’s sister Ilse the other day. She reckons for our family re-union we are going to be some 25 people! We also talked to my brother Peter Uwe recently. He wants to come to Berlin to see all of us. But we can also visit him and Astrid at their place in the country.

4 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary

  1. Danke, liebe Gislinde.
    Wir waren heute, am Pfingstsonntag, in einem deutschen Club mit einem Dutzend Familien Angehörigen zum Mittagessen Wir haben schon heute Peters Geburtstag gefeiert. Morgen wird Peter 81 Jahre! (Der Phingstmontag ist hier in Australien kein Feiertag!)
    Für dich recht liele Grüsse, deine Uta

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