House of my Grandparents

Haus von Josef und Hulda Spickermann during the 40ties
This was my grandparents’ house
Golden Wedding (2)
The grandparents Golden Wedding in November 1943

In this picture of the Golden Wedding are the three daughters and the three sons of the grandparents, all with their spouses. There are also a number of grandchildren (including me next to grandma!). Some of the younger grandchildren are not in the picture.

4 thoughts on “House of my Grandparents

  1. Beautiful family pictures that are treasured down through the years Uta.
    I love the picture of your grandparents house, I can imagine it sitting in a heavily wooded area with lots of beautiful scenery.

    1. Thanks for the comment, dear Emu.
      The grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary was nearly 73 years ago. I can still remember all the people in the picture and dfo know them by name. The Golden Wedding celebrations took place in the grandparents’ house, which was this house in the picture. Yes, there was a park surrounding it. To the right of the house was grandfather’s furniture factory. At the back of the property was an extensive garden area. I especially remember all the beautiful fruit that did grow there in summer. When I was there in the summer of 1942, the family probably had not been in that place for very long yet. I think the grandparents’ previous house and factory had to be vacated. For some reason they had not been allowed to stay there. In the end they lost everything when they had to flee in the midst of winter in January of 1945. They then continued to live as very poor refugees in Germany.

      1. Hi Emu, some cousins of mine were for a visit in Lodz some time ago and found out that a registry office was in that building. It is a solidly built house. I would think that it is still standing.

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