Uta’s Diary, October 2016: A 24 hour Visit

Last Saturday Peter and I were at Sydney Airport at 9,30 am to pick up our son Martin who had arrived from Melbourne. Martin stayed overnight at our place. Then, 24 hours later, he was picked up by Monika and Mark for a drive to Sydney. Martin went along with them to go to the Grand Final Football game: Cronulla Sharks versus Melbourne Storms. It turned out to be a very exciting game. Cronulla earned their first Premiership crown in 50 seasons, defeating the Storm 14-12!

Monika’s twin sons, Troy and Ryan, are great fans of the Sharks.  Several months ago they had purchased ten tickets for the Gran Final. So Martin, Monika and Mark were in good company with the twins and family and friends. Ryan’s two little boys were included in the party, wearing Cronulla shirts like most of the other supporters. In one of the pictures that they published we noticed Martin wearing a Sharks’ cap.





For 24 hours – less sleeping time of course – we had Martin to ourselves. On Saturday Martin watched on television at our place how the Melbourne Bulldogs did beat the Sydney Swans at the  AFL Grand Final in Melbourne.


We had some nice meals together with Martin. Before we went to bed we played a few games of Rummy with him. During the night we went on daylight saving time, that means we lost one hour! But, anyway the sun was up already at about 6 am. It turned 0ut to be a a wonderful day with no wind

After breakfast we drove down to the lake to  enjoy the scenery on a wonderful  bright day.








Monika and Mark are ready to drive with Martin to Sydney.
Monika and Mark are ready to drive with Martin to Sydney.



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