Uta’s Diary, October 2016


I start with the novel I’ve been reading recently: DUST OF THE LAND by J.H.FLETCHER

It is:  “An epic saga of one woman’s strength through her trials in love and betrayal on Australia’s red frontier.”

The book has 725 pages, conveniently in large print. I found it in the library. I had it for four weeks, and I finally finished it now and am going to return it this week.

This J.H.FLETCHER is a very good writer. I want to see whether I can find more of his books in our library.


We had left the Forrest Hotel in Canberra on Sunday, the 28th of August.


Today I came across some pictures I took on Monday, the 29th of August. So it was the last Monday  of the month and this time it had been my turn to invite all the lady residents for afternoon tea/coffee.  Six  of them had been able to make it. Here now are some of the pictures from that  afternoon.



Peter came along and took this picture of us.
Peter came along and took this picture of us.

I had taken some more pictures earlier on. Each lady had brought a plate.







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