Our next Stop: “Dog on the Tuckerbox

Tuesday, 3rd of January 2017

Monday evening we had arrived at Holbrook feeling very tired. We stayed in Holbrook in a motel and had a good rest The next morning we got up early and went for breakfast to the Holbrook Bakery.


Soon we travelled on along the Hume Highway until we reached the “Dog on the Tuckerbox” near Gundagai. (Tuckerbox means Lunchbox.)


From Wikipedia about the Unveiling in 1932:

“The monument of the Dog on the Tuckerbox was unveiled in 1932 by the then Prime Minister of Australia, Joe Lyons, on the 103rd anniversary of Australian explorer Charles Sturt’s 1829 crossing of the Riverina’s Murrumbidgee River.

The monument was the creation of Gundagai stonemason Frank Rusconi, another of whose works, the Marble Masterpiece, is on display in town.

Gundagai, 386 kilometres from Sydney, lies along the Hume Highway which runs inland from Sydney to Melbourne.”

“Moses’s poem, Nine Miles from Gundagai, was first published in 1938, several years after the statue’s unveiling. Jack O’Hagan’s song, Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox (5 miles from Gundagai), was published in 1937.”

And now to another link in Wikipedia:


The above link leads to an interesting article about
The Origin of the Pivotal Word ‘Sat’
The Original Writers of the Fable
and the many different versions all ending in:

… for Nobby Jack has broke the yoke,
Poked out the leader’s eye
and the dog shat on the tucker box,
Five miles from Gundagai.

4 thoughts on “Our next Stop: “Dog on the Tuckerbox

  1. What a tale! I must dispute the alleged etymology of the word shot, though – it’s a good Old English word derived from Anglo-Saxon and cognate with German, Dutch etc. Still, it makes an interesting story!

    1. They say the past tense of shit has become shat.
      Where does shot come in then?
      Anyhow, quite some time ago the authorities made sure that ‘shat’ was changed into sat. So everybody assumes now that the faithful dog ‘sat’ bravely on the tuckerbox to protect it while his master had to leave to get help when he was bogged down.

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