This Berlin puzzle we have had for many, many years. We have had it for so long, that our middle aged children can remember it from their childhood! Amazingly it is still intact, didn’t get thrown out yet with all the other things. Martin occupied himself doing it one night before last Christmas when he stayed at our place.

After the Christmas of 2016,  Peter and I stayed at Martin’s place in Melbourne. It did rain a lot. So we asked Martin, could he show us one of his puzzles. We ended up doing a world puzzle, and I think we took a picture of it after the puzzle was finished, but tight now I cannot find this picture. But I found a picture of another of Martin’s puzzles that we did all together on New Year’s Eve:


This Australia puzzle looked quite easy to do, but I thought it was actually not all that easy.

Back home in January I wanted to try out a new puzzle that we bought. It had a lot of water and sky in it. So I expected it to be very, very difficult.  The picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House in the middle of the puzzle, for sure I could manage to do this, couldn’t I? Well, I was wrong. It took me a long, long time just to do this little bit. I did not want to leave it on our dining table for days on end. So I packed it away again. Is there anyone who would like to do it for me? I did not throw it out yet. I only packed it away, sorted out in different little bags. Anyone is welcome to have a go at it!



P.S. I asked Peter about the picture of that other puzzle. And surprise, surprise, he found it in the cloud! So he copied it for me to use it. It took him a while to work out how he could get it out of the cloud!

Here is the picture of the other puzzle that we did with Martin.

7 thoughts on “Puzzles

    1. Hi Yvonne, I had given it up more or less for a few years, mainly because of deteriorating eyesight. When the eyes get tired easily, it becomes a bit difficult. But I still find it is a thrill to find the right piece! And it was fun to do it together with our son.

  1. I remember doing simple wooden puzzles as a child. However, I do remember a puzzle of the world that was more complex. From it I learned about different countries and continents. Puzzles can be great fun!

    1. I agree, Robert. I enjoyed very much doing this puzzle of the world with Martin, my son. There were islands to be found in the different oceans that I’d never heard of before! 🙂

    1. Isn’t life on the whole a puzzle to us, Gerard? A puzzle, that is never to be solved! Maybe some bits and pieces we get right sometimes, but never everything.
      Doing these game puzzles on the other hand is to me quite a challenge as well as an attempt at doing something relaxing. These days I do puzzles only once in a blue moon (alle Jubeljahre mal). I think it has to do with my age and rather bad eyesight. So, actually I am not so keen anymore to do a puzzle all on my own. Our son is still good at it. It was very enjoyable that he was around at Christmastime and that we could do puzzles together with him.
      Traditionally, we like to do something relaxing at Christmastime! 🙂

      1. You are right, Uta. Both my parents after they returned to Holland loved doing puzzles. My dad used to frame them and hang them on the walls outside their apartment.

        When I was young I used to soak off stamps and put them in an album. It was a great hobby. All our three children grew up doing puzzles.

        I still have the stamp album but haven’t collected stamps for at least fifty years.

        I now am at my busiest when sitting in a chair doing nothing. It never bores me and very often gives me an idea or word or two for my next bit of nonsense.

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