Uta’s Diary, January 2017

Towards the end of last month Caroline and Matthew moved back to Sydney. Since they both work in Sydney, they save a lot in travelling time by living in Sydney again. Peter and I do not see them so often anymore and we do miss  them! There are visits of course, but visits cannot take place all that often. So naturally we are just by ourselves now most of the time. Still, at least Peter and I still have each other. We cannot help to sometimes  think about it, that there might come a time when maybe one of us is going to have to cope without the other. This makes it important to make the best of the time that we still are together and appreciate every day of it.

I was thinking today about what it was like a year ago when Caroline and Matthew had just moved in with us. I thought it would be interesting to look up a few posts that I published ten or twelve months ago. I ended up having a close look at these two posts:



On some weekend last year Matthew drove all of us to a club-house where  we had some good Aussie food for lunch. This view of the  beach was a few steps away.



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