Why War and not Peace?


Rangewriter wrote a very interesting blog on the following subject:

“Digging deep to understand different Viewpoints”

I made a comment to it and asked a question about drones. She gave me a very comprehensive answer on her thoughts to the subject of drones and drone warfare. I wanted to make the following comment to what Linda wrote but the comments were not published at the time. Here is what I wanted to send to Rangewriter:

Thanks very much , Linda, for your thoughts on this subject. What you say, are good explanations. It seems to me that Americans (and we, their allies) are in a constant state of war. But why, why, why?
I read in a highly praised book the following:
” . . . greater equality, socialism, participatory democracy and peace are all within our reach, but nuclear war, work camps and slavery are also possibilities . . . ”

3 thoughts on “Why War and not Peace?

  1. The one single fact remains. It is the US that has been constantly engaged in a war somewhere in the world since WW2. Not a single moment of peace has occurred. We, as their lackey have followed the same trail.
    Countries that have been occupied through wars, whose cities were bombed and who experienced annihilation, hunger and other disasters, are less enthusiastic about fighting wars.

  2. Most of America’s present wars are resource wars – mainly over oil and gas, though the US is also involved in several conflicts in Africa over coltane (essential for cellphones and computers) and other rare earth minerals. America’s ruling elite believe that a continuous supply of cheap resources is essential to keep the US economy booming – historically they have always used military intervention to acquire these resources.

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