One Day after Valentine’s Day in Australia 2017

This is the morning of the 15th of February in Australia. We’ve just have had breakfast. I am very much looking forward to continue reading Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’. I have only a few more pages to read.

Last night we watched ‘The End is my Beginning’.  This was a very thought provoking film about the end of life. It was filmed like a documentary and based on the life of an Italian journalist and his family.

A Rose for Valentines’s Day 2017 and a lot more novel reading is still waiting for me.
This pizza we were looking forward to eat on Valentine’s Day unfortunately turned out to be not to our taste.
Luckily though we had wine and a delicious salad.


9 thoughts on “One Day after Valentine’s Day in Australia 2017

    1. Hi Gerard, the film is not on SBS. We were lucky to spot it on the German ARD. The put a geo blocker on and we were only able to watch it with a special program to trick them and they thought we were in Germany.

      But the film is available in four parts on YouTube. Alas only in German and no subtitles.

      The main character was played by Bruno Ganz. It is a German /Italian co-production. The version we saw had German subtitles which are good for me because of my bad hearing.

      1. Thanks for that information, Peter. I thought as much because I could not find it on any program.
        The ABC seems to be addicted to old programs and rarely feature foreign films. We are lucky we still have SBS.

  1. The pizza looks great but it wasn’t to your taste. I wonder why? We always try and include anchovies in our pizza adventures. Fresh tomatoes, especially the small ones, are also much loved by us. What are your favourite ingredients for a good and tasty pizza, Uta?

    1. Favourite ingredients for a good and tasty pizza, Gerard? That’s easy:
      Lots of tasty tomato and grated cheese. We add lots of Italian herbs to the tomato pulp. Extras would be some sliced olives and sliced onion for instance. I do not need any meat for taste. Peter likes pieces of Salami on his half of the pizza.
      Once we bought a frozen pizza covered just with lots of different vegetables. I liked this very much. But it is not always available. So we made the mistake to buy a frozen pizza with some horrible pieces of Salami. Even Peter did not like the taste of it. When taking the offending pieces of Salami off the pizza, the rest of the pizza still tasted of some horrible fat. It also smelled disgustingly.This is why most of it unfortunately landed in the bin. How awful!.
      When we make our own pizza, nothing can go wrong. Maybe we should just stick to making our own pizza! 🙂

      1. Dr Oetker frozen pizzas is our choice. You can get vegetable pizzas and two in the box from Aldi as well. We often add some other ingredients, mainly tomatoes and some anchovies, extra cheese.
        The only danger is by baking them and having a nap. The smoke usually wakes me up but you can’t eat a burnt pizza. That is for sure.

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