One Day after Valentine’s Day in Australia 2017

So, this was six years ago. I remember the rose!


This is the morning of the 15th of February in Australia. We’ve just have had breakfast. I am very much looking forward to continue reading Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’. I have only a few more pages to read.

Last night we watched ‘The End is my Beginning’.  This was a very thought provoking film about the end of life. It was filmed like a documentary and based on the life of an Italian journalist and his family.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Rose for Valentines’s Day 2017 and a lot more novel reading is still waiting for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This pizza we were looking forward to eat on Valentine’s Day unfortunately turned out to be not to our taste.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Luckily though we had wine and a delicious salad.

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5 thoughts on “One Day after Valentine’s Day in Australia 2017

  1. @slavvalb3933

    How sad! I find it as a cruel irony that Bruno Ganz played a cancer ridden patient. Looks to me like stomach cancer. Bruno than got colon cancer himself in 2019, which killed him. It is like the character he portrayed in this movie was exactly a mirror of what will be happening to Bruno. RIP Bruno Ganz.

    Peter and I watched this movie on Valentine’s Day 2017

    A man on his deathbed recounts his life and experiences to his son in what should be a film teeming with flashbacks, seeing as how the man is Tiziano Terzani and the theatre of his adventures are Vietnam and its devastating war, Mao’s China, Ghandi’s India and the Himalayas.

    Instead, The End Is My Beginning [+], an adaptation of the bestseller by the great Italian writer and journalist, directed by Jo Baier, is a long dialogue between father and son, noteworthy performances from the leads (Bruno Ganz and Elio Germano), a theatrical film shot in one setting: Terzani’s real house in Tuscany, where he spent his last days among the pristine countryside and mountains, talking to his son Folco about life, disease and death.

  2. He was talking to his son about life, disease and death!

    The End Is My Beginning [+], is an adaptation of the bestseller by the great Italian writer and journalist: Tiziano Terzani!

    Tiziano says to his son Folco, that Folco may know a lot about his father’s life for the 35 years since he was born, but he doesn’t know much about what his father’s life was like before he was born. And Tiziano points out, that he, Tiziano does not know much about his father’s life, and that he regrets, that he never asked nuch about his father’s life. Tiziano, knowing that he is going to die soon, reckons this is the right time to begin telling his son all about his whole life. He encourages his son to ask questions. And the son does listen to what the father has to tell him!

  3. I feel, I have a lot to tell about my life, that future generations might want to know about. Of course I can keep trying to write down, whatever comes to mind. But it would be even better, if there was someone who was willing to ask a lot of questions that I might want to give detailed answers to.

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