Some Figures from the Australian Taxation Office

This is what Michael Lacey says today in a comment:

michael laceyApril 23, 2017 at 8:39 am

Recent figures from the Australian Taxation Office show that in the 2014-15 tax year, 48 millionaires paid no Australian tax at all on earnings of $110 million, but paid accountants and tax advisers over $20 million.

I found the following in Google:…ATO/…statistics/…/Taxation-statistics/Taxation-statistics-201…
3 days ago – These statistics look at the tax returns and related schedules for the 2014–15 income year for individuals, companies, superannuation (super) …

But always get this:

This site can’t be reached

2 thoughts on “Some Figures from the Australian Taxation Office

  1. Taxation avoidance is our national sport. Each year at the end of June millions of of true blue Aussies are feverishly filling in their taxation returns scheming on how to pay less tax.

    Of course, the millionaires get their highly skilled accountants to minimize their tax or indeed no tax!

    Not many seem to question how all this taxation avoidance is the reason why our health- care, education, social welfare are suffering.

    Our Government is encouraging tax avoidance by promising tax cuts on top of all that as well.

    And our children and grandchildren’s future? It dares not think about.

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