Overcoming the Chair-Loving Lifestyle


and what to do throughout the day to keep sitting from killing you!


4 thoughts on “Overcoming the Chair-Loving Lifestyle

  1. As a retired letter carrier and now a desk junkie, I can attest to how important movement is. I’ve put on too much weight since retiring. I’ve had to go on blood pressure meds. It’s because I sit in this d… chair too much of the time, marveling at the fact that I CAN just sit in my chair. It’s awful. At least I bike for most of my errands.

  2. How Much Do You Need to Move? For me, Linda, it is interesting what the authors of Eat Well, Move Well had to say on this subject. Roland Denzel, wellness coach and author (with Galina Denzel) of Eat Well, Move Well: 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week, has said that “he began his movement journey when he started getting aches and pains from his desk job. That’s when he discovered the Pomodoro productivity technique, which uses 25 minutes of work time followed by a 5-minute break “to refresh the brain and renew concentration.”
    Some recommended exercises would be: “lifting the arms overhead, leaning the body to one side, bending forward to open the back line of the legs, even letting your eyes gaze far out the window, which relaxes the eye muscles.”

    I found the page for the Pomodoro productivity technique here:


  3. We maintain a strict regime of walking every day and will try to keep this up as much as possible as we get older.
    Even so, I managed to get a bad flu, which trice in the past, resulted in pneumonia.

    We also try and eat at least a few vegetables each day with fish or some lean meat. We both are fortunate not to have a sweet tooth, so don’t eat biscuits or drink lemonade or Coke.
    We shall see how it will al go into the future. Good post, Uta!

    1. Thanks, Gerard. I am a firm believer in taking huge amounts of Vitamin C to avoid bad colds or the flu. Also I try to avoid breathing in very cold air. For instance we do not heat our bedroom at nighttime, but I either keep my head partly under the blanket, so that the air I breathe in is not too cold. I reckon a good way to breathe in warmer air is also to cover my face up to the nose with a towel. Just an ordinary towel will do. I also avoid cold drinks when I feel a bit cold. I rather drink some herbal teas or at least warm up the water a little bit. When I take Vitamin C tablets I always drink a glass of water with it. I think it is good to drink at least two litres of water or herbal teas per day.

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