More about ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’

A Handmaid’s Tale isn’t science fiction, it’s a warning

This is what
  • Wendy Squires


three days ago.

She speaks about that our rights are “not rigid but already unravelling. Especially for women.”


And then she shares with us a scene from the last episode:

“I will try not to spoil the plot suffice to say a character escapes Gilead and finds their way across the border into Canada. There, a process worker performs his routine duty and gives the refugee an ID card, a prepaid phone, clean clothes and a medical insurance card and, with it, a return of dignity and hope.”

And Wendy continues:

“Yep, it seems there is one element Margaret Atwood didn’t get right in her dystopian future and that is that refugees fleeing war, hatred, violence and oppression will be respected and welcomed by so-called free and progressive countries. OK, in Canada, maybe. But Australia under our present government? Not a chance. And that is truly terrifying.”

Absolutely terrifying it is, for me too.

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