A Bit More Diary, Still July 2017

Before I forget again, here is what Peter and I talked about this morning. Somewhere Peter had read that these days authorities may get suspicious if you leave the house without your mobile. It happened to a journalist in Germany who went out without his ‘handy’. He straight away became a suspect. What did he plan? Without carrying his phone, nobody could trace where he was going! So why did he leave his phone behind? What did he want to cover up?

My response was, what happens to people who do not own a phone? I for  instance have no mobile, never had one. When I go out, who can trace my steps? Peter said, this was all right for I  am a non-person, I do not count. Ah well, so this means, that nobody really knows whether I am alive or dead. The German government generously pays me a monthly pension. It is a very nice little addition to my Australian pension. How do they know, I am still alive? They do not know, do they? The same applies to Peter. This is why we are required to let them know once a year that we have not died yet. That means every year at the beginning of July Peter and I make an appearance  at our Australian Centre Link Office. When they see us they believe that we are alive and certify our existence, The signed and stamped papers about our existence we then send off to the German Centre  for pensions in  Germany, and this safeguards the payment of our small German pension  for another year. We do get this pension since we turned 65. My goodness, that is nearly 18 years for me, and over 17 years for Peter. It adds up. Quite a bit of money really. No wonder that every so often we can afford a trip to Germany. At the moment we are in a bit of a rut. So I suggested to Peter today, that we should look into it whether we could book another trip to Germany for sometime this year just before another cancer treatment is due for Peter. Meaning that maybe we should not  wait until someone in our family wants to travel with us again. Maybe we should just take off on our  own as soon as possible. How about   it?

6 thoughts on “A Bit More Diary, Still July 2017

  1. I frequently forget my phone, if I take a different handbag for instance, or its battery runs down – but like you, I’m a non-person so who cares? 🙂

    1. Yes, Cat, just as well that we are not of special interest. 🙂

      I wrote ‘we are in a bit of a rot.’ I thought that this does not sound right, not at all. So I looked it up on WordWeb and changed it now to ‘rut’. which is according to WordWeb: “A settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape.” This now sounds about right to me. WordWeb often helps me out when I am in doubt!

  2. We too get a small Dutch pension. Helvi gets a Dutch pension AND a Finnish pension. I don’t get a share of the Finnish pension yet Helvi gets her share of the Dutch pension. She is my wife and that’s why she gets the Dutch pension. Yet I am her husband so why don’t I get part-Finnish pension?
    Even so, it pays to have worked in Europe and get a small pension.
    I hardly take my mobile with me, it is too stressful to get calls.

    1. Hey, Gerard, do you want to imply that husband and wife have not equal rights? And you find it stressful to get calls? Or do you perhaps want to hide your movements? Does it perhaps bother you when it is possible to trace your steps at all time? So much for all our technical progress!

      1. I don’t like getting calls when I am out. Especially not those calls that tell you that ‘Rivers’ are giving 30% off their singlets. Lucky I am deaf and most times don’t here the calls. Helvi never takes her mobile phone.

      2. I for one am against such ‘technical progress’ too, Gerard. It seems to me that it is an abuse of this so called ‘progress’ to hang constantly on that phone. To my mind it should for most of the time be used only for important messages. .For longer conversations I can use the house phone. A longer conversation can be quite enjoyable just to keep in touch with people I care about. People that do not have a house phone anymore, can use their mobile as a house phone by all means. But a longer conversation ‘on the run’ so to speak does not seem very desirable to me. And I certainly would prefer not to answer the phone when someone wants just to sell something. Even the house phone can be a nuisance when you constantly are bombarded with calls where somebody wants to sell you something. Usually these calls come from ‘India’, don’t they? I feel sorry for people whose job it is to make some sales on the phone. Surely their training and knowledge could be used for a better job. So far I’ve never missed yet not having a mobile when going out somewhere!

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