My Diary, still July 2017

Last night Peter and I started listening to what Noam Chomsky had to say on one of his July 2017 YouTube videos. The theme was THE EMERGING WORLD ORDER. Here I published this video just as we started listening to it last night:

We knew it would be running for one hour, and we were rather tired already. It was nearly past our bedtime. But I agreed, we should start watching it. Peter meant we could always stop it half way through and finish listening to it the next day.

Well, what Chomsky had to say sounded only all too scarily true to me. At some point I said I wish to stop it now, otherwise I might not be able to go to sleep. Peter thought he would not have any trouble going to sleep. True enough within a short time we were both fast asleep. We had really been very tired. It had been a long day again.

There are many, many more videos on YouTube about what Chomsky has to say about the state of the world. It is very interesting to listen to someone who has this amazing grasp of reality, a reality that most politicians do not seem to grasp at all. Could someone like Chomsky be a politician? Maybe not. Somehow it is remarkable that he can deliver his voice on the internet. Anybody who is able to access the internet really has a chance to listen to him. And voices very similar to Chomsky’s can also be accessed on the internet. I wonder whether in the long run these voices are going to change anything for the better as far as the actions of our politicians and other powerful people are concerned?

One thought on “My Diary, still July 2017

  1. And despite Chomsky and his dire predictions, somehow things will keep idling along. The most dangerous thing in the world might well be how the US is going to take its diminishing role as an economic super-power now well past its use by date.
    The world is quickly turning towards China, while Trump keeps rattling on about ‘making America great again.’

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