The most beautiful Song ever written

The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written (Australian Aboriginal)
Mike Deakin
Mike Deakin
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Published on Nov 19, 2010
This song is called Wiyathul and it’s by a blind aboriginal man called Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. This song has been hailed by critics and millions over the world as being the greatest and most spine tingling song ever written because of it’s Transcendental and wild beauty. WARNING THIS SONG HAS FULLY GROWN MEN IN TEARS!

7 thoughts on “The most beautiful Song ever written

    1. I do like this kind of music very much too, Stuart. I reckon aboriginal artists (musicians, painters, actors, dancers etc.) should receive our highest respect.
      Their wonderful talents in all the arts for sure should enable them to lead dignified lives in their own settlements. Why are they not reimbursed adequately for their artistic achievements? Galleries sell aboriginal paintings for hundred thousands of Dollars! Yet the aboriginal communities still live in utter poverty.

    1. HUGS to you doesitevenmatter3!
      I always feel blessed to be able to listen to beautiful music like this one.
      Thank you for liking so many of my posts! 🙂

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