Gaby’s Birthday, 28th of August

Today,  Peter wrote the following letter to his daughter Gaby who passed away five years ago:

Dear Gaby,
today would be your birthday and I’m sure we would have visited. Sixty years is an enormous number but you did not quite make it. Your fiftieth birthday comes to mind for which you organised a big party for your friends and relatives. It was a great occasion, we will never forget. We even danced together. I’m sure you would have organised something for your sixties too. Perhaps some of your carers are having
a drink at the Parramatta Leagues Club to remember you. There is a picture with all of them. They were more than just carers, they were your good friends and were with you right to the very end. Your life was a shining example of how one should live. You showed us not to despair and to accept the things we can’t change and make the most of it. With this lesson in mind, we have accepted your life and your passing. Memories can be bitter and sweet but we stick to the good memories. Our thoughts are with you every day of our lives but more so today. Mum and I, we wish we could be with you and give you a big hug. XO

Gaby celebrated her 50th birthday on the weekend after her birthday.

Gaby celebrating her 50th Birthday
Gaby and her Carers
Gaby with Family

13 thoughts on “Gaby’s Birthday, 28th of August

    1. Thank you, Gerry. It is good to hear from you. When we think of Gaby we always think of David with special affection. He had a big heart and he gave Gaby the confidence to leave Ferguson Lodge.
      Lots of Love to you and the family

  1. Aw. 😦 This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, sweet letter from a wonderful father to his precious daughter.
    May your loving memories of Gaby surround you on this special day. I imagine Gaby would want you to feel comfort and love…and to laugh about the good times. 🙂
    My parents had a daughter (my oldest sister) who died of cancer years before the two of them passed…and they said losing a child (especially an adult child) is such an enormous loss and pain. A person never thinks they will have to bury a child. It should be the other way around. 😦
    ❤ and (((HUGS)))

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Doesitevenmatter! 🙂
      I think Peter said it very well here: ” Your life was a shining example of how one should live. You showed us not to despair and to accept the things we can’t change and make the most of it. With this lesson in mind, we have accepted your life and your passing.”
      So it is as Peter says: “Memories can be bitter and sweet but we stick to the good memories.”
      Yes, Gaby was a very demanding person (she had to be this for her survival), but she was also a very loving person; Everyone who came in contact with her, could feel this. Everyone who has had some contact with her is never going to forget her. We all have lasting memories of her.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I miss my loved ones most of all on their birthdays. I think writing such a sweet and tender letter of remembrance is a wonderful way to honor Gaby’s birthday. I hope her carers are indeed remembering her as well. I believe connections change with death, of course, but they often remain very dear.

    1. Yes, Linda, so far we’ve been lucky that the two of us can still be together. We are also lucky to have a great family: Three surviving children, eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Plus the partners of our children and grandchildren.
      Occasionally we can also see our siblings and their families in Germany as well as some cousins in Germany and England. Meetings like this are always great occasions. Also there are some long time friends we can still visit in Berlin.
      Peter and I are both in our eighties, Still – maybe next year – ,we want to go for another visit to Germany.
      Something else has come up. This is about my father’s second wife. I am very fond of her. She turns 99 in November this year and wants family and friends to come to her birthday. At the moment she is in hospital after a bad fall. But she really wants everyone to turn up for her birthday, so her daughter, who lives in America, tells us. So this too is something to think about for me. It would be great if I could also manage to travel to Germany this coming November. . . .

      1. Wow! You are traveling fools! 😉 Really, your step mother is living in the States, or just her daughter is in the States? I hope you can swing a visit with her. That would be so cool. Stay healthy and strong!

      2. My step mother lives in Duesseldorf, Germany, Linda. Here is what her daughter wrote to us from Sedona, Arizona, a few weeks ago:

        “I am back in Sedona . I was with Mutti on Mother’s Day and already noticed that she had become much weaker. 2 weeks after I left she fell hitting her head and had to be hospitalized. I flew back helping her for 4 weeks to get adjusted. She had a few inches of stitches on her head but she is clear as ever. Unfortunately she is on oxygen which irritates her throat so that she does not like to speak very long. From the hospital to convalescent and then the search for a nursing home. Thank God my sister-in-law Brunhilde had experience with it and is extremely efficient. . . . .
        She has accepted her situation and makes light of it. We are all invited to her 99th birthday on Nov 23 and if something should come up she will let us know!”

        A photo was taking while she was Skyping from her bed in hospital with with her daughter in Sedona. A friend with an I-phone and her pad arranged it. Over the past few years she skyped with her daughter very often, and she also skyped with Peter and me quite a bit! We always had very nice conversations with her. She always looked and sounded quite cheerful.

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