The Honey Place at Urunga

To start with I copy here what I found about the Honey Place on the internet:

It says:

Welcome to the Sweetest Spot on the Mid-North Coast

“The Honey Place is a family run business, Established in 1982 on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We are specialists in gourmet honey. Our Honey is sourced from state forest and private  Eucalyptus old growth forest. As far north as Texas in just inside the Queensland Border, through to Walcha and any where in-between including right here in Urunga. Our Honey has been extracted the same way as it has been for hundreds of years, so the honey retains all of the natural properties that you are looking for. Our Honey is 100% Australian, Pure, Unpasteurized and not micro filtered.”

 Your Experience

“At The Honey Place you will be able to see into the mysterious world of the Honey bee. With our Glass display hive its nice and safe to get up close and personal with Bees. You can also see the friendly Australian Native bee (non-stinging), view a very informative video, taste all of our many varieties of honey, and ask our staff as many question as you like. You can come and enjoy some of our award winning scones with jam and cream, while sipping on a superb cup of locally roasted coffee.”


During our recent holidays we decided one day to drive to Coffs Harbour for an outing. On the way there we stopped at the Urunga Honey Place. We had a lovely time there, sitting in the sun sipping our tea. We also bought some delicious honey.













We very much liked our break at the Honey Place. But Coffs Harbour was not so good for us on that day. I’ll write about this some other time.

PS: The Honey Ice-Cream was delicious!

DSCN3392 (2)

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