The “Strandkorb”


Who was Wilhelm Bartelmann?” inventor of the beach basket” Google celebrating 172nd birthday. Wilhelm Bartelmann The “strandkorb” beach-chair was invented in 1882 by German basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann in Rostock, originally for his customer Elfriede Maltzahn, who suffered from rheumatism and had requested in his workshop a “seating accommodation for the beach that would provide shelter from the sun and wind” Wilhelm Bartelmann Biography Born: 7 October 1845 Died: 25 July 1930, Rostock, Germany

I remember “beach baskets” from my childhood days.  The above picture from 1940 of a “Strandkorb” with my mother and Tante Ilse in it and my father leaning on the side of the Strandkorb I published in a blog here:

Heaps of Beach Baskets to be seen here:;geo=187364&detail=2037827&ff=274298172&albumViewMode=hero&aggregationId=101&albumid=101&baseMediaId=274298172&thumbnailMinWidth=50&cnt=30&offset=-1&filter=7&autoplay=

I just found another blog I wrote about our stay in Graal/Muritz in 1940:

During the summer of 1940 we were on holidays at the Baltic Sea. We had rented a small cottage. Auntie Ilse was staying with Mum, little Bodo and me most of the time. Our maid Gertrud was with us too. Dad worked during the week in Berlin and came to Graal only on weekends.

Two year old Bodo must have already been quite a walker. I remember that Dad took us for walks in the nearby forest where we would be looking for blueberries. These berries were quite delicious. We would eat them for supper with some sugar and milk.

The beach was not far from our cottage. We went there every day. A photographer had a shop close by. During the day he often took pictures of people on the beach. The following day he displayed the pictures in front of his shop ready for sale. I think people did not order to have their pictures taken. They bought them only if they happened to like them.

In my files I have two of these pictures. They are more than seventy years old now. I was reminded of these pictures when we went to an Australian beach the other day. In one of these old pictures you can see my father with my mother and Auntie Ilse. The women sit in their ‘Strandkorb’. These ‘Strandkörbe’ are very popular on all German beaches. They are popular still to this day. They are a good windshelter. I think people usually place them in such a way that they can catch the sun. Mum and Auntie Ilse were always proud of their suntan.

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